And the Clorox Ick Awards go to…

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In case you missed it, the Clorox Ick Awards happened last week!

It all went down on Twitter… and YouTube. The hilarious Rachel Dratch, along with Second City Communications took messy stories folks shared on Twitter (using the hastag #ickies) and worked their improv magic on those tweeted messes…

Rachel Dratch and Second City Communications improv the Clorox Ick Awards

Comedian Rachel Dratch performs improvised sketches inspired by live Twitter suggestions

Did you miss it? NO WORRIES! Simply visit the Clorox Laugh Hub here where you can view ALL the #ickies tweet-inspired improvisations!

Awards were given for the following categories:

  • #MysteriousMess
  • #EpicMess
  • #CraziestKidMess
  • #BestDateMess
  • #HorrificMess
  • #ShowDownMess

The talented folks of Second City Communications somehow managed to take messy situations shared in under 140 characters and entertain us on the spot.

LOTS of pretty messy stories were shared on Twitter that night, but you can go here to watch all the videos and find out which stories won one of a handful of esteemed ICK AWARDS…

It’s funny… I think that the passing of time and the will to survived have blocked some of my own memories of the messes I have endured (and cleaned up!), but on Twitter that night… when I started reading about the messes others were sharing, a handful came rushing back.


I remembered the object I found that looked a lot like, um… poop behind my young son’s bedroom door. But on closer investigation I discovered it was a petrified banana.

I have no idea how long that banana had been behind that bedroom door. And I had no idea bananas could petrify.

It actually wasn’t all that difficult to clean up, but I dare you to do the things necessary to discern unidentifiable, possibly poopy objects.

Of course, my own memories of vomit and spit-up, and diaper blowouts all came flooding back… making me thankful that at least some of those messes are tucking in tightly in my parenting past.

But when you are a parent, no matter what the age of the children… messes are never far off. We just hope they progress as appropriate with age. Right now I feel we are in our pre-teen crafting season of messes.

And sports.

That’s more of a smelly mess.

Oh, and dogs. Having 2 dogs adds another level of mess.. especially since Gus is still a bit of a puppy. A puppy that loves to eat shoes.

Or anything, really. Nothing is safe if it is at puppy level.

Why. Whhyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????!!!!!

::falls on knees:::

Anywho… do make sure you visit the Clorox Laugh Hub and check out some creative improvisation inspired by messes shared on Twitter! Oh, and if you have a mess you just have to share, I’d love to read about it in the comments! I just want to know I am not alone and not the only one who has ever been thrown up on.

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