And on Day 3… #roadtrip

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So far we’ve made it from the Seattle area (the Pacific NorthWET) to the Redding area of Californ-Aye-Ay.

And on the third day we said farewell to the Parke family and forced the kids to pose for a picture.

So long friends!

And then we asked the kids to take ours and… well… we ended up just taking our own.

Aaaand my eyes were closed.Ish. As were everyone elsessesses… except I was the only one with sunglasses.


I hate saying goodbye to people I like.

People I DO NOT like… I don’t mind waving them off so much but I digress…

We hopped onto Interstate 5 to head Southerlier… to the area of Sacramento.

Badda BOOM badda BING…


In-N-Out Burger

Once the bellies were full we FINALLY made it to our destination…

And once again I got so busy talking and laughing I took very few pictures.


That’s a POOL.

My Pacific NorthWET friends may not be sure what that big blue thing is…

We headed to the Sacto area to see my lifelong friend Jen.


We met when I was 3. She was a much more mature 4.

We met behind the fence of the softball field while our moms threw balls and got black eyes.

Over the years, Jen and I went from building things from the dirt behind the softball diamond to playing Frogger and Pac Man on her Atari to pretending to run from the Witch of Narnia to talking/dreaming/obsessing about boys to planning our dorm room together to weddings and so on and so-forth.

I can’t believe I wrapped-up over 35 years of freindship in one really long run-on sentence.

We are as different as different comes… but she is one of the most significant people in my life.

And we both like Corona.


And this lovely young lady is her first-born…


I moved away when she was still young and have only seen her a handful of times.


I want to take this one home with me.


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