An Amends and Unicorn Cakes and Strapping Young Men

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I’m am SO sorry.

I have not been a good web hostess.

I left early-to-the-early last Thursday to attend the BlogHer Conference… and got back late last night (if you are reading this in 2022, that would be Aug. 4-8, 2011… Thu-Mon… A LONG time for mommy to be away… bless my husband’s heart… he is a saint and I wish you could have experienced the welcome Kevin (mah dog) gave… he jumped on the car and ran circles so fast and furiously one would think he had just discovered he had 4 legs or somethin’… aaaaaaaanywho…).

Just wanted to share a pinch about why I’ve been gone. Not that anyone has asked where I’ve been, but just in case you were worried… don’t call the cops. I’m OK… depending on your definition of what “OK” is.

I have so much to share!!! But in consideration of time… let me post a few pictures that capture the essence of The Time of My Family Neglect my trip to BlogHer. I need to take my kids out to breakfast and win back their love…

On a San Diego pedicab!

Lisa, Amy (MomSpark) and me on a pedicab, feeling  very safe and surprised that we didn’t just get hit by that taxi when running the red light.

Cheeseburgher Party

Lisa and I at the Cheeseburgher party. Lisa is doing a duck-face, in case you can’t tell. We are both wearing bag hats. Because it isn’t a Cheeseburgher party without a bag hat and a duck-face and whathaveyou.

On a rooftop!

Amy, Me and Lisa on a rooftop! I think Amy is one of the most photogenic people I have ever met!

On a yacht!

On a yacht in the San Diego Harbor!

So. May I take a moment and share about this yacht-trip? Hors d’oeuvres… champagne… ice cream… And if you look closely at this picture… you will see one of 2 strapping young San Diego young men.

Emphasis YOUNG.


I think the young man (who I am clearly making the night-of *ahem*) seen in the picture above was also a yoga instructor & personal trainer.

Or was he the massage therapist?

In any case, sometimes events stack their staff with young, strapping young men who have positions as “yoga instructors” and “massage therapists” as their day-“jobs”…. And sometimes this may make a woman may feel like a dirty old woman. But happy. Apparently.

P.S./and aside: have you SEEN the pictures of the birthday party I went to where the firemen took off their shirts and got slappy with cheese slices?

Heaven-on-earth how did I land in a life of yachting with young, strapping yoga instructors and shirtless firemen with cheese slice welts!

The American Dream, no?

Oh. And unicorn cakes. I have seen them with mine own eyes. And unlike vampires, one CAN capture a unicorn cake on camera:

Sparklecorn Unicorn cake

My 6 y.o. just saw this which rendered her almost speechless. All she could do was whisper, “Mom. That is AWESOME.”

Bringing this back around… this is why I have not been here to play and joke and blather about coffee and glitter. I hope you understand. And please know I miss you.

And also this Saturday is our third annual POULSBOPALOOZA!!!


If you happen to be in the area – you gotta stop in! GOTTA, PEOPLE!!! Bring some diapers, and picnic lunch and maybe some ear plugs. If you come at the right time, I’ll throw some Oreos at you. I’m serious. See here to see how serious I am

If I can’t be a rock-star on TV, I will try on YouTube and/or at the local park once a year…

Peace and Sparkles,



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