An Adventure with Craft Glitter Spray

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It is no secret I am a fan of glitter.

I love her. Almost as much as my firstborn son.

An Adventure with Craft Glitter Spray


So. Saturday night I went to a costume partay.

The Ladays

picture courtesy Mark Gesellman – Photomatopoeia

I actually don’t know what I dressed up as… an over-aged homecoming queen?

In the pic above you see ME, Lisa and Lisa. A.K.A. Shizzle, Shizzle and True THAT!

One thing I do know is I was wearin’ some shoes that just about ended my career as a person who uses her feet for existing:

But the glitter… My friend Lisa made a spray glitter run for us.

Read: SHE bought the glitter.

Read: No glitter in the usual body glitter section.

Read: She found glitter spray in the craft aisle.


This is us high on craft glitter spray fumes:

Buddies *heh*

Minutes before we headed out for our evening of sparkly fun… we stepped outside to glitter-up.

Me as I spray glitter on Lisa: “Turn, turn, turn…. Oooooh! This is NICE glitter spray. I really like this kind. Wow! WOW!!! This is so sparkly!”

Lisa: Do you think it smells funny?

Me: Whu? *pauses spraying*

Me: *resumes spraying* NAAAAAAUWWWW!

Lisa: interrupting her spin… Are you SURE?

Me: Uh. Well. It does smell different. And I’ve never used this brand before…

I look at can.

The directions said something like,

Good for use on METAL… PLASTIC… WOOD…

*blink blink blink*

She looked at me.

I looked at her.

We looked at we.


Lisa: StopstopstopI’mgonnapeeeeee

Me *snortsnortsnort* 

I looked at Lisa. The level of her sparkle was impressive. 

Me: Does your skin feel funny?

She: Nnnnnnnooooooo.

She: You should do it.

We reached for the can of silver CRAFT glitter spray. And I spun beneath Lisa’s skilled spraying wave of poison silver glitter glory.

I don’t know what will happen because of our wild night of basking in the loveliness of crafting spray glitter. I do know this…


But my judgement tells me one night is enough. At least we had one night…


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