All the bits and pieces…

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Alternately titled: SNIPPETS



I’ll admit. I have done it. I have titled posts “Snippets”. A rookie mistake.

Tell me, when you see a title that reads “Snippets” do you, like, lose your mind with curiosity?


It’s not grabby.

Yet at the same time, what does one do with all the bits and pieces… those snippets of life?

Which begs the question… what fullness is there in life without all the bits and pieces?

What do we do with the everyday moments? The moments that are actually the sum of all that is significant…

these moments

(A stolen everyday moment at BluBerry Yogurt. We steal moments there about once a week…)

Those bits and pieces that make up the big picture. Like the time I was bored on the ferry… so I took pictures of my shoes. All of which were out of focus because I need to be schooled in all things DSLR…


There’s a story to these shoes. Not special, but a story just the same… I love me my Converse. These gray ones were one of my first pair of Converse. I came into the Converse family late… not until my thirties. Well, these gray Cons are worn. Cracking. The little, black plastic stripe on the rubber is lifting away.

I did get a new pair of gray Cons, for the eventual replacement of this pair. But I love this pair the very most. I can’t quit them…



I am working hard to wrangle an element of control over my inbox. Not unlike the wrangling that also needs to happen in the laundry room

Earlier this morning, I allowed my mind to get sucked into the reality of the mountains that both pose.

My throat felt like it was starting to close up.

Don’t I wish I was being adorably dramatic…

It’s probably bad that the thought of email and laundry puts my body into anaphylactic shock.



Lucy and I have the funniest conversations. Mostly because she is a funny little six-and-three-quarters thing. I wonder what the world looks like from her eyes.

Probably fuzzy. She almost never stops moving…

The best insights come in the car. When we are trapped…

I have 100 best friends. *names off a few*

Oh. I have TEN friends.

*pause, pause, pause*

I have 11!

I forgot to count me!

And I totally know what she means…

Bits and pieces.


If you notice a bit less blathering here lately and in the coming weeks… it’s due to the bits and pieces.

LOTS of bits and pieces to contend with.

The doctor said I need to take Vitamin D.


I’m making exercise a priority.


I have 3 trips in the next 3 weeks.

(!!! !!! !!!)


I won’t even go into my ongoing correspondence with the IRS…


Bit. Piece. Nickle. Dime. Math. Anaphylactic shock.

My problem is, I focus on the stress of the days ahead as opposed to focusing on the sweetness of daily moments. Recognizing the significance of the bits and pieces gives me pause and has me looking to maximize the day I am in as opposed to worrying about how I will tackle/survive next week. And the next. And the next.

SEE HOW I AM???!!!

I spend a lot of energy fretting about  tomorrow and tomorrow’s tomorrow, which steals from the energy and gumption I need for the moments I am in now. If only fretting burned calories…


Oh golly. Well look at that. I totally just blerffed all over ya’ll.

I just made that up, blerffed.


Thanks for being here for me, friends.





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