Ain’t no party like a rock-out for baby bottoms party!

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Once a upon a time there was a husband. He was a husband who loved music and his guitar. A husband who was very talented in his guitar-ness and sang like someone who was really awesome at singing. That husband was also a father who needed to work and earn a real living rather than chase the dream of being a rocker. So, his dream remained that… a dream…

The fair husband had a wife (clearly). This wife saw his rocker heart start to crawl up in a corner. But not in a corner to do drugs. He wasn’t that kind of rocker. His heart for music was shriveling in that corner as his outer self worked hard to be a responsible father and husband.

But about that wife…

She saw his heartache and said, “Hey. Raab Park has a stage, and we can rent it for, like $30. Let’s have a concert where you can play and your friends can play and…”

That was 3 summers ago….in 2009… Poulsbopalooza was born…

Poulsbopalooza 2009

It was raining. The wind blew over our coverings and whathavyou… We had a coffee pot from home and all the friends and guitars we needed to make the rain and cold seem like almost silly accessories to what turned out to be a perfect day – if you don’t count the wet and cold part.

The dream didn’t end there. In 2010 we tried it again. This time there were sponsors and MORE musicians and an audience!!!

Poulsbopalooza 2010

Poulsbopalooza 2010

Looks pretty legit, don’t it?

I even sang a song. I am going to embed it here. I have only watched 10% of it ever. I can’t watch. It’s is not my best singing, and the end was rough… because we (Garage Heroes, you’ve probably heard of us) only got to practice the song twice, but… here’s the cool part – I tossed Oreos to the crowd.

Ozzie bites off bat heads… I give Oreo cookies. How am I not making gold records, people??? Anywho… here’s that video. I’m gonna go plug my ears…


2011 is here and the train of local rock is rollin’! Um… You know how it is with trains and such… Sponsors, t-shirts…

Aaaand we have a couple of additional Twists of Awesome. As Poulsbopalooza has grown, so has our vision. I was part of a diaper program months ago. The purpose of the program was to raise awareness of diaper need here in the United States. One thing lead to another and wouldn’t cha know it! Poulsbopalooza is joining with Central Kitsap Food Bank as they launch their new diaper bank! Poulsbopalooza will be their kick-off effort.

Also… the Bremerton Rescue Mission will be selling food and beverages with supplies donated by Silverdale’s new Trader Joe’s. Proceeds will help support the Rescue Mission’s work.

Can I get an AMEN?!!!

So. If you are in the area on August 13th… you will know where to find me. If you were to come and bring a package of diapers, that would be THEBOMBDOTCOM. And if you can’t come, but feel you MUST contribute to the successful launch of the Central Kitsap Food Bank’s diaper bank (say that 3 times fast!)… then follow this link to their Paypal information.

And hey, if you wanna… “like” the Poulsbopalooza Facebook page… it makes us feel liked and whathaveyou. C’mon – who doesn’t like a FESTIVUS OF ROCK?!


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