A Stay at Home Mom

by | Sep 20, 2005 | Parenting/Family | 10 comments

I told someone about how much I enjoy my garden. I shared how I pop Lucy in the front pack and we water the garden together.

“Oh, that’s nice. That gives you something to do during the day.”

A stay at home mom.

I tried to justify and explain why my day is plenty full. I wanted to clearly communicate that for me to nurture a garden is a treat, not just something to pass the time.

In fact, other things are neglected while I steal time from one thing to do another. Once again I tried to prove my value…

Some just do not understand that though I “stay at home” with my kids I have a mind (split 3 ways, but a mind nonetheless!), opinions (oh, I have opinions), a teaching degree, and a darn charming sense of humor (if I do say so myself!).

I know that the path we (my husband and I) have chosen for our family is right. I do not feel guilty, ashamed or less for “staying at home”. Though I do sometimes feel the need to justify my choice.

Actually, I do not “stay” at home as much as I’d like – especially with gas prices so high.

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