A Palm Tree or a Coconut Tree?

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Palm Trees vs. Coconut Trees…

I recently learned a coconut tree is not a palm tree.


But a coconut tree is a tree in the palm family.

So maybe the coconut tree is like the unicorn of the horse family?

In all my years, I have never given palm/coconut trees much thought.

I mean, why WOULD I?

Now I wonder… are coconuts a fruit? A nut? A vegetable?

Let’s consult Dr. Wikipedia… It’s a DRUPE! That’s the sciency way to say the coconut is a fruit

I had a conversation with friends recently that alerted me to the fact that I had no idea there was a difference between cocnut trees and plam trees. In my mind palm trees were just fruitless drupeless coconut trees.

There are fruitless cherry trees, why not fruitdrupless coconut trees?

I should be embarrassed, but instead I find it fascinating.

I consulted Google to look at pictures to compare, but I think Google is confused too. Or palms are just a complex plant. The Wikipedia noted: “…exhibit an enormous diversity in physical characteristics.”

Kind-of like Lady Gaga.

I am thoughtfully aware now that coconut trees bear coconuts, and palm trees do not, but… when I test myself by looking at pictures… to me it’s a bit like trying to tell if a fish is a boy fish or a girl fish.

Science ruins everything.

Because when I am in Miami (that one time), I really don’t care if a palm has coconuts… I just look at those trees and feel complete…

Palm trees in Miami

Or when I’m back home in So Cal…

Palm trees in LA

But I suppose it’s good to just know.

Or not.

Girl fish/boy fish… Unicorn/horse… palm tree/coconut tree?

An aside… I’ve never been to Hawaii. Maybe I need to go there and take a closer look… ya know ON THE SPOT RESEARCH and whathaveyou.

I suppose I should go update my life list, cross my fingers, and start playing the lottery.


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