A Lens-Eye View

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I decided to bring my computer and me out of my cold, dark office and join the land of the living… the kitchen table. School was cancelled, but I still had work to do.

Seriously. I DID HAVE WORK.

I may have Facebooked. And Tweeted. And also spent a few too many minutes on Modcloth.

(Oh the dangers when one’s work lives in the onlinez. Some folks have a water cooler or a break room. I have Pinterest. And Facebook. And Twitter. And Modcloth.)

Aaaanywho. That whole thing about a “lens-eye view”… My camera (Cami) was sitting there on the table and I wondered what things she was looking at… just sitting there waiting for me to hold her and love her and make beautiful pictures together.

Instead of holding her in my grasp, I turned her on, left her sitting where she was and pressed the little picture-taker-button.

While working. Or Facebooking. Or...

That’s me, in case you didn’t know. Sitting at my computer. That’s a cup of coffee on the right. And a power cord running right through the middle. Crazy stuff. Crazy stuff.

 computer on kitchen table

I moved Cami to the other side of my computer. You can kinda-see the bowl of mac-n-cheese from Lucy’s lunch and the swoops of the cords from my earphones. I had 4 calls that day… two were conference calls… calls in which I had to stay on *mute* because… did I mention… SNOW DAY!

table and fruit

I can’t think when things get to cluttered, so I took to straightening up my work area a bit.

On the other side of the table now… the mac-n-cheese is gone, as are the crumbs and cups of hot cocoa and spilled drops of hot cocoa and rogue spoons… a sock.

What is it with kids and socks on the table???



You can see the snow out the window. I love looking at snow out the window. I enjoy snow the most when it is outside and I am inside. I told my daughter I am allergic to snow… for how very cold it makes me feel. I told her it makes me feel colder than anyone else in the WHOLE WORLD.

I am not even joshing you.

= eyes cross =

and cookies

And this is just a picture of the chocolate chip oatmeal cookies I made…


And despite my best efforts to eat very well these last several weeks… the snow got to me. And instead of eating just one. OR NONE…

I ate five.



Make that 6. I should have hit publish.

= rubs ample bellee =


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