A “Decision Extension”: Naming the TEMPUR-Pedic 5 Finalists

by | Sep 27, 2011 | Sponsored | 4 comments

Hey all!

I am overwhelemed by the the video entries for the TEPMPUR-Pedic bed giveaway.

Holy Cow! THIRTEEN!!! You gotta check them out!

  1. One Cluttered Brain
  2. Jillian
  3. Meredith
  4. Beth Anne
  5. Jubilee
  6. DesignHer Momma
  7. Di
  8. Linda
  9. Allison
  10. Amanda
  11. Jessica
  12. Leslie
  13. Holly

Outside of giving birth or training for a marathon or origami… this is one of the hardest things I have done. And I knew it’d be hard – but I didn’t KNOW.

Like parenting… you “know” but until you’ve been there… you don’t KNOW.

Or like being The Bachelor or Bachelorette… it’s just harder than I thought I knew it’d be.

THE STORIES! I’m laughing… I’m crying… AHHHH!

So. I am asking something of the contestants I hate to ask because NO ONE WANTS TO WAIT LONGER!!! But… I need an extra couple days.

I take my duty seriously. I make videos… I know the time it takes and I want to make sure I choose well… choose fairly… and honor the investment of time these lovely ladies made. I underestimated my ability to make a decision in the time frame I gave myself… and for that – I apologize.

SO. Thursday… the 29th. Friday the 30th.

Gah – AH! This is SO hard!!!

Please and thank you… and thank you…


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