A Day at the Beach… #roadtrip

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HI!!! Did you have a great 4th?!

I hope you had a GREAT Fourth of July, PEOPLE!!!



Let me just start this post with a bit of a “First World Problem” lament…

We went to a LEGIT beach.

Like – SO CAL… the definition of BEACH.

That is not the lament.

We practically saw David Hasselhoff saving a kid from a shark it was so legit.

Oh! And I found the vehicle I will now forever want as my own:

I want a topless Ford Bronco.

I digress…

The lament: I left the memory card to my GOOD camera IN MY COMPUTER.


Now, I do have an iPhone, and it takes excellent pictures…

BUT… I had dreams. PLANS. GOOD CAMERA plans.

So I am a *wee* bit bummed I only got phone pictures of our legit day at the beach hat seems to only come twice a decade.

*end lament*

It was a LOVELY day.

Not too hot.

No shark attacks.

I remembered to bring the high-fashion hat I got on sale at Target:

beach day!
As if the the sun hat, sunshine, no rip tide, and family at the beach wasn’t enough, the girls built a spa!

A spa day at the beach!
We got to get massages by Lucy and Livi took care of our foot *soak*.

Wish y’all could’ve been there.

As a matter of fact, I made a postcard for you!

wish you were here!
After the beach we went to my uncle’s house for a BBQ. My uncles Chris, Paul and Steve were there… and one cousin. And my sweet Gramma.

It was awesome.

Oh heck – here’s one more picture… of me, my margarita, and my sunburn…

Because what’s a sunburn without a margarita??

It’s still a sunburn, I guess.


a margarita and a sunburn

And that concludes Day 7 of our ridiculously long and wonderful road trip. Bring on Day 8!!!


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