A Daily Vlog Challenge!

by | Jun 1, 2013 | Video | 5 comments

For reals… this is as on the spot as it can get.

I’ve been doing daily video blogs the last few weeks. With a couple of exceptions. (My biggest obstacle in daily vlogging is getting the video uploaded.)

With vlogging being all the rage right now this little experiment seems right. If you are doing some vlogging, or have been wanting to do some vlogging… here’s a something that may help you get over the hump.


Here are the rules: make a daily vlog. 3 minutes or less. Ish. I have a linky here so we can connect with each other… see what each other is daily-ing about.

Or just Monday through Friday. This isn’t a competition.


Are you worried about what to vlog about? Don’t. I have a few ideas to help get you started, and of course I’d love to hear yours! How about… shoot in a different room everyday or in the car or at work or at the park or waiting for your macho burrito in the drive thru or on the treadmill (oh, but be careful if you do that…).

You can talk about your daily, or you can go topical: latest news, what’s on your bookshelf, what’s on your desk, what’s in your make-up bag, WHAT’S IN YOUR PURSE?

Get a dashboard mount and check in mid-errand… or in the school drop off circle or while getting an icee. It’s summer – shoot at the beach or the lake or water park!

Interview somebody. Your kid. Your spouse. Your dog. Your cat.

Take us into your kitchen and show us your newest favorite granola or snack. MAKE ME A MARTINI! Do you make your bed everyday? Is your laundry always put away? Do you have a shoe collection or cardigan obsession or are you a scarfaholic?

Do you sit on a step stool in your pantry and eat choclate chips straight from the bag when your stressed?

Had a bad day? Be honest. Make it extra-short if you need to.

Take us on your jog. Take us grocery shopping.

Stuff. Go crazy. Or normal.

I hope you’ll join in, and drop your info in the linky so we can connect! If you are catching this on June 15th – START ON JUNE 15th!

Ok. Enough rambling. It’s time to get your daily vlog on!

Here’s mine for today, June 1!


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