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Has it been a week or HAS IT BEEN A WEEK?!

Dudes. I am HUNGRY. My stomach is totes growling, but you can’t hear it because this is not a VLOG.

I forgot to eat until about 2:30… I realized  it when I noticed my hands were shaking when someone asked me for my ID because I had to use my credit card. When I realized my hands were shaking because I was hungry, I started getting a hot flash because when I realize I am hungry like that my body likes to think it is going to die.


*pinches more than an inch*

I missed an important meeting today… because I forgot about it.

I forgot about it so much, I didn’t even rememeber there was a meeting in the first place.

A friend caught me talking to myself as I was walking through a parking lot. BECAUSE I DO BETTER WHEN I TALK THINGS OUT.



Maybe if I wore one of those bluetooth headsets I could just say I was using the headset.

*note to self*

My husband bought me a rain hat for my birthday a couple years back. I almost took it with me to camp.

retro rain hat

But Livi wasn’t wild about that. So I didn’t.




Speaking of people pleasing *insert awkward redirect here* in case you haven’t heard… I am now a contributor to the Huffington Post!




Huffington Post Blogger, yo!

I can be found in the Living Fearless section of their health section.

If you would like to read about a girl who is breaking free of people pleasing… I would love for you to take a peek and even comment on my post over there. If you like it. If you don’t… then… well…


There is so much happening around here! SO much to be given away!!!

CHOCOLATE  and a Hershey’s Track and Field Games goody bag with jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, water bottle, bean bags, balls and instructions to play all the games. Check out the info by following this link here. Hurry! this closes June 12th!

A FABULOUS pillow cover giveaway! I am giving away a $50 gift certificate to a lovely Etsy shop. Visit this link to get to the post to get to the old lady that swallowed a fly I don’t know why she swallowed that fly perhaps she’ll die the info so you can see the cute pillow covers and/or enter for your cance to win! Ends June 15!

Lastly, I have joined with BlogFrog and International Delight for an opportunity for some Lucky Luckerson to win $1000 towards a dream kitchen remodel and an International Delight Coffee Break Kit!   But you gotta head over here to do the entering… Ends June 14th!

Let’s see…. what else… Oh I think that’ll do for now. Make sure you come back on Saturday. I get to giveaway a T-Mobile SpringBoard. It’s kind-of a big deal.. technology stuffs and all. Alrighty… I’m off to BlogHer Food this weekend! It’s in Seattle! W00t!


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