A Case of the Mondays: In Which I Apologize to Monday.

by | May 7, 2013 | Life | 3 comments

“A case of the Mondays…”

No one wants a case of THAT.

But you know what? I’m going to go on record and say… Mondays get a bad wrap. And I want to apologize to Monday.

It’s almost like Mondays are Mom and the weekends are Dad.

Dad is wrestling with the kids and making armpit farts (BBQ’s and lazy Sundays), while Mom has to go to the store to make sure there is stuff to put on the grill and remind the children “please don’t armpit fart in line at the grocery store, PLEASE.”

While dad plays “fun guy”, mom has to keep at least one leg in her serious pants because the laundry won’t do itself and in order for the upcoming days of the week to not poop on themselves, there has to be a “heavy”.


And I did not just call us fat.

Not that my husband doesn’t do laundry. Or your guy…. I am generalizing. I think we are all smart enough to get what I am trying to say. Dads *typically* get to fill more of the fun role. They can’t help it. They are little boys with exceptionally hairy pits. And mom…. she is more often “the heavy”… tasking, planning, baking, folding. The dads CAN do all that stuff, but typically it is the woman who drives that train.

::blows whistle::

I digress.

Because I want to run analogies into ground today… one might also say weekends are the good cop… hitthertheretofore making Monday the bad cop.

Stand me next to Heidi Klum and my name would become Monday.

You smell what I’m stepping in?

I too, have raise my fist to  Monday. And now I see… I have been unfair.

Without Monday there is no BBQ. For Monday is the day that kicks our chance to earn the money to buy the meat to grill.

Or eggplant, if you are vegetarian.

Without Monday, we would have no day to recover from the fun of the weekend. If we never recover from the fun of the weekend, we would soon run out of energy to have any fun at all.

Pink is pinker because of sallow yellow. Don’t hate the sallow.

Dads are better because of Moms.

Good cops are better because of bad cops.

And the weekend is better because of Monday.

Not sure where Heidi Klum and I fit into that, but I think I may have just called myself a bit sallow.

I think maybe I should just stop here.

Yeah. Ok.


And sparkles.

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