A "Boy" Crazy 6 Year Old

by | Dec 21, 2010 | General, The Hubs

Oh. My. Goodness.

I had the tele on today. Not the greatest options were available… The soap operas *yawn*… The talks shows *yammer*…

So I opted for “retro” and let the channel rest on Emergency!… I haven’t see that show in as many years as I have on 4 hands.


I looked up from my laptop (let’s face it, I never really “watch” TV anymore)… I was mesmerized.

John… John Gage.

John Gage

Roy and John

Hey baby, bring summa that over here. Those dark, puppy-dog eyes…

Then I started thinking about my other big crush back in first grade… Ponch.


It matters not which team he swings for. HE’S FRIGGIN’ FRANK PONCHERELLO.

My grandma lived in “The Valley” and when we’d travel the busy Southern California highways, I’d dream of seeing Ponch… on his motorcycle. Vrooooooom.


John & Ponch

Hmmmm. Have I always been drawn to men with dark hair… or men in uniform? Or men with partners?

I digress.

And Elvis. Loved him too.


Hunka hunka burnin’ love… In. Deed.

But I’m not in first grade anymore. AND I’m married. To a man… I probably would have had a crush on when I was 6… With dark hair… He may not give CPR, he may not patrol the highways of So. Cal, but he does play the guitar…

my rocker


And has a side-kick.


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