Flowers, Out of the Blue…

by | May 3, 2007 | Parenting/Family | 4 comments

I was deep in thought at my local market today… when from over my shoulder I hear a voice… “These are for you.”

Flowers. From out of the blue.

As I turn I hear the crinkle of cellophane and see a cluster of deep-reddish lilies with a hint of orange in them. I recognized the man who handed them to me, but I didn’t remember his name… I remembered quickly where I knew him from, but his name still escaped me. His daughter went to kindergarten with my son last year. I remembered his face probably because he made a point at Joel’s last day of school to mention some observations he made about Joel – that he felt Joel had a wonderful joy about him and a very sweet soul.

People don’t usually take the time to say such wonderful things about other people’s kids. It was noteworthy.

So, I knew I wasn’t being hit-on as I stood in the market’s flower shop half-talking to the clerk and half keeping my kids from toppling over buckets of flowers. He said that I walked by earlier and breathed a heavy sigh. He said he thought of he and his wife and their 4 kids… and he thought I could use some flowers.

How cool is that?

This little treat has come on the heels of not a freakishly stressful time, but definitely a challenging time.

I feel like I am strategically diving through intermittent waves of overwhelm before they break on me, I feel somewhat empty, not so significant, and a bit depleted on a number of different levels.

I believe it was the Lord filling me to continue on. The timing seemed providential, for I was at the market inquiring about flowers for others…

There are so many times mothers go to the store and receive other kinds of attention when their kids are just being kids. So, I left the store with a delightful bundle that not only has filled 2 vases in my home, but filled my spirit with a bit of joy and optimism. And I am so grateful that this man took a moment to act on a thought to act kindly… I wonder if he knows he allowed God to touch me today through him.

I just had to jot this one down.

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