A 6-Week Kick Start Challenge in The 2012!!!

Alrighty friends! I am joining Amanda and Stephanie, my 2 of my lovely co-iVoices in the Kick Start Your Weight Loss Challenge over on iVillage. I am getting my kick-start on! And feeling a wee-bit winded…

Wanna commiserate and/or join me? It’s 6 short weeks….

We can do anything for 6 weeks!

Alls ya gotta do is dance your cursor right on over to the  iVillage here to sign up to get the daily email assignments.

I see you hesitating.

Hesitation is for squirrels that get hit by cars… c’mon, let’s kick-start togethah!

Here, look… these are some tools I am using in conjunction with the assignments to help me right on along:

  • A notebook. I need a pen and paper place. Light bulb moments and simple assignment tasks live here.
  • I track calories using the Lose It! app and I’ve registered with the site. It’s AWESOME. I am HOOKED.
  • I use Daily Mile to log my exercise.
  • and I use the Mindbloom iPhone app to remind me to drink water and focus.

I am not crossing every T and dotting every I. I am integrating where I am able…

I find the pressure to go about something like this with perfection causes certain failure for me. I figure since I was not being mindful of most things that passed my lips, and in the last 2-6 months I have hardly tied on my running shoes – anything mindful I do today is better than the many mindless yesterdays before her.

let's do this

FURTHERMORE… if I fail in one choice, I do not let that one thing sabotage my entire day’s effort. So I ate 2 mozzerella sticks. It doesn’t mean I should buddy-up with the plate of nachos since I kinda already blew it.

And exercise… my achilles heel right now. Not literally, to be clear… Making time to exercise is very difficult. Somedays 10 minutes worth of jumping jacks, sit-ups, leg lifts and pushups may be the very only bit I can manage. Sure, it wasn’t 20, 30 or 40 minutes of intense cardio, but it is still better that 10 minutes on the couch. Plus, in that 10 minutes you can burn most of the cream and sugar you put in your coffee that morning. And you know what that means…. MORE COFFEE!!!

*Disclosure: iVillage compensates me for my video work. Views, experiences with this program, dedication, invitation to commiserate, will-power and grumbling tummy at night because I refuse to eat after 7 are all mine. Alllllllll mine.


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8 Responses to “A 6-Week Kick Start Challenge in The 2012!!!”

  1. Angela says:

    Thanks Jenny! Just what I needed! 🙂 Are you planning to start running early again? I went this afternoon…first run of the year…and…hoping for more! Thanks for the motivation!

    • Hey Angela! I have 2 goals to hit before the early mornings with the gals.. #1 work back up to 4 miles at a pace that won’t make them hate me… and get my body re-accustomed to early rising. Well 4:30 early-rising 🙂 Hoping by the end of this I will be there! 🙂 And your run – WOOOOOOOO YAY! Maybe we’ll both being seeing the morning dark together sooner than later now 🙂

  2. Sara says:

    All great ideas!! Not letting myself be anything but healthier and organized in the new year!

  3. Sheila says:

    Ahman…I think I just signed up…it hurts already!

  4. Joanna Sprik says:

    uummm you’re planning on getting up at 4:30 as in 4:30 AM like in the MORNING??? that’s craziness!!! my sister gave me zumba for my wii and i am going to start doing that in the mornings if i can. i have to figure out if i can first. i have been having chest pains and stuff and had an echocardiogram and they found a leaky valve so i have to see a dr. for that. i don’t wanna end up hurting myself so ima take it easy til i find out if i am healthy enough heart wise. 🙂

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