7 EASY Steps: BBQ Pulled Pork in Your Crock Pot, PEOPLE!

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In 7 EASY Steps, y’all will have some deeeelicious BBQ pulled pork steamin’ up your crock pot, PEOPLE!

I am so excited for 2 reasons:

  1. IT’S EASY


Crock pot pulled pork ingredients via @jennyonthespot
1) The ingredients: pork shoulder, can of sody pop, bbq sauce (for later)…

2) Put the pork in the crock pot.

3) Pour the soda over the pork. I had Coke on hand. I usually use root beer. But I can’t taste the difference…

4) Put on the lid.

Then… uhhh… make sure your crock pot is plugged in.

Just sayin’…

plug in the crock pot via @jennyonthespot
THEN cook for 6-8 hours. I got a late start, so I had to choose a 6 hour cook time… In an ideal world, I like for it to cook for 8 hours.

But 6 hours is fine.

But 8 (even 10!!!) is BEST!

Set the crock pot! via @jennyonthespot
Yep! That’s me winning!!!

Now  what do I do with all my free time???

what to do, what to do... via @jennyonthespot
Clean dishes?


Clean theoffice?


Take selfies?

Oh…. maybe just ONE!

::insert 6 hours here::

BBQ sauce and pulled pork via @jennyonthespot

1) Once the pork is done, remove the fat (this is the most labor-intensive part of the process).

**Note: If I am home, I will sometimes turn the pork about 2/3 through the cooking cycle. Fat side up.

2) Then add BBQ sauce. We like Sweet Baby Ray’s. Sometimes I mix the regular Sweet Baby Ray’s with the Spicy (that’s the sweet spot right there!). I’d go all spicy, but that’s too spicy for the kidlets.

3) And then MIX THAT LOVE UP. Pulled pork + BBQ sauce = LOVE

pulled pork sandwiches via @jennyonthespot

Pulled Pork Sammies.

Had I been prepared, I’d have included cole slaw. That’s always a yummy add… a lil’ slaw on the sammie!

You can find recipes with lots of variations here on the interwebz… adding herbs and spices. I’ve added some garlic here and some salt and pepper there in the past… some onion, etc. and whathaveyou… But here’s the deal… When you need fast. And you need easy?

Pork. Soda. BBQ sauce. BOOM.

And your family thinks you are a rock star.

Well, this and TACOS.


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