Over 25 Whole30 Compliant Foods At Trader Joe’s!

Remember that one time I did the Whole30?

Over 25 Whole30 Compliant Foods At Trader Joe’s!



I do.

It was awesome. And hard.

Sometimes terrible.

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And completely worth the effort.

On my second round of the Whole30, I captured (almost) every meal and shared it on an Instagram account (@thewholeavocado) I created for just that reason. I love avocados, btw.

I have found that Whole30 works for me, and due to some sensitivities to dairy and gluten, I have found that even when I am not ON the full program, I am on a very close track. If only sugar was as easy to avoid as dairy and gluten. Not that dairy and gluten are easy to avoid, but compared to sugar…


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By the way, do ya need an idea for a great Whole30 compliant breakfast? How about a Warm Pumpkin Breakfast Bowl? I love this for lunch too. Or a snack. It has some sweetness to it, so sometimes I go to it when I am craving a candy bar 😉 

One thing that helped my own success in the Whole30 adventure was food that made meal making and planning simpler. As a result, Trader Joe’s quickly became my very favorite grocery destination.

(This is not a sponsored post, btw. I just know the mountain that the Whole30 can be, and it is a worthwhile mountain and if anyone decides to climb it – I want to help… Like a Whole 30 sherpa of sorts? Maybe I took that too far…)


Herefollows a video showing y’all welllll over 25+ Whole30 Compliant Foods At Trader Joe’s!

Over 25 Whole30 Compliant Foods Finds at Trader Joe's

Actually, it’s 45 things…. that help make the climb less …. climb-y. And yummier. It’s roughly broken down into sections: “convenience” foods from the aisles, “convenience” foods from the produce section, and “convenience” foods from the freezer section:


Now let’s apply what you’ve learned! I have a post (with recipes) featuring my 7 go-to Whole30 meals right here!


7 Whole30 Meals via @jennyonthespot

Pictured below is a selection of 25+ Whole30 Compliant Foods At Trader Joe’s shared in the video. The actual item count is 45, and 45 items is a lot! Please refer to the video for the entire list!

Whole30 Compliant Finds at Trader Joe's

25 Whole30 compliant foods at Trader Joe's by @jennyonthespot

Obviously, I like salsa. And that guacamole is great dip for carrots. Or schmere for your buffalo/beef/chicken burger.  I can’t have eggs, so I use guac and avocado as an egg substitute-of-sorts.

I could eat that 8 veggie chop stuff every every day. There’s a great recipe for creamy Italian in Well Fed* I love to drizzle on it… and add chopped Applegate nitrate free salami. Or chicken. And olives. I love to add olives to that. The Well Fed book alone got me through my first round of Whole30.

My favorite FAVORITE cookbooks are all the Well Fed books… I am particularly lovestruck with Melissa’s newest book Well Fed Weeknights*. Perfect meals in 45 minutes. Not all are Whole30, but the adjustments are not difficult for quick compliance. To make a great, clean meal in 45 minutes? You guys, if ever there was hope for success…

Even when I am not tackling a Whole30, I do keep many of these items on rotation in my pantry/fridge. I am not going to say I have this WHOLE way of eating mastered, but when I keep the right stuff around… especially easy, right stuff… It makes all the difference.

Over 25 Whole30 Compliant Foods Finds at Trader Joe's

*Links are affiliate. Originally published April 2015, updates added!

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10 Responses to “Over 25 Whole30 Compliant Foods At Trader Joe’s!”

  1. Mary says:

    Hi Jenny! Thank you for this post. You have given me a lot to go on. Quick question … is the coconut cream really Whole30 compliant?? When I looked at the label I thought I saw and -ose of some sort. =/ I want to try and make some Whole30 ice cream as a sweet treat but am scared to use this one.

  2. Rachel says:

    ^^Mary, making faux ice cream or having any sweet treats goes against the whole premise of the Whole 30. They specifically state to throw out all the paleo-fied junk foods.

  3. […] I used: http://www.jaysbakingmecrazy.com/2015/06/19/must-have-pantry-items-for-a-whole30/ and https://jennyonthespot.com/wellness/25-whole30-compliant-foods-at-trader-joes/. One thing I realized in between pinning recipes and meal planning, while all the recipes looked […]

  4. Jesse Rohrer says:

    Just looking at that Serrano fresca salsa now, unfortunately it has added sugar and is therefore non-compliant. Maybe they changed the recipe since this was posted.

  5. Dawn says:

    The Kettle Cooked Chicken soup – which is premade – is Whole30 Compliant. I do not know about the other soups.


  6. Christine says:

    You’re video is absolutely adorable. Thanks for all the tips. I love Trader Joe’s.

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  8. Angela says:

    Hi Mary! Whole30 “ice cream” would be a no because it’s recreating a comfort food/dessert and the goal is to retrain the brain not to go to sugary sweets (even with “healthy” sugars or replacements), but to go for nourishing Whole Foods. Try freezing grapes or clementines for something cold, sweet and crunchy but be cautious about when and how you eat fruit. Try not to use it to feed a craving. Coconut milk/cream is DELICIOUS in soups though!

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