21 Reasons Why Being a Toddler is Awesome

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There are many reasons why being a toddler is awesome.

21 Reasons Why Being a Toddler is Awesome

If you are the parent of a toddler, or have been… then you will probably know that the reasons being a toddler is awesome, are probably also the reasons being the parent of a toddler is awesomely HARD.

21 Reasons WHy Being a Toddler is Awesome | www.jennyonthespot.com

  1. Your dollies don’t poop on the floor.
  2. You don’t have to clean your dolly’s poop off the floor.
  3. Your clothes don’t have to match… or be clean.
  4. You get fed and watered and carried to bed.
  5. Your lists are scribble… nothing really needs to get done.
  6. You don’t have to moisturize every night.
  7. Your greatest worry is whether or not mom-n-dad’ll take you to Chuck E. Cheese.
  8. You don’t get letters from the IRS.
  9. When your peers are mad at you, they just yell and scream at you – no gossip. You always know where you stand.
  10. No bills.
  11. Chubby bellies and chubby legs are cute.
  12. You don’t have to run errands.
  13. You can wear a princess dress or Spiderman costume is public and people say, “How adorable!”
  14. You can hit people who make you mad and not go to jail.
  15. You can lay on the grocery store floor and kick and scream and wail and not care what anyone thinks.
  16. You really, truly don’t care what others think (see #17).
  17. You can and do laugh at anything. Aannyytthhiinngg.
  18. You can indulge in arm fart competitions. And everyone wins.
  19. Freely tooting isn’t embarrassing – it’s impressive.
  20. Everything is new and worth investigating.
  21. Time is never wasted.

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