2019 So Far feat: Current Playlist, Books, and Podcasts

by | Feb 25, 2019 | Life, Parenting/Family

How is your 2019 so far?

2019 So Far…

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It’s been a bit bumpy, which has lead to some new ventures for me. Like my online shop. Have you visited? I bet you’ll be surprised by the name…

I’ve also expanded my Etsy shop a bit… I launched it as a printable shop, but am adding some of my handmade projects there as well.

Jenny On The Spot Etsy Shop

Meanwhile, JOTS Shop is being stocked with things I find adorable and irresistible… some fashion… some accessories, graphic tees and sweatshirts (printed on-demand, not by me, so they are shopped separate from the rest of my inventory)…

Pull Forward Hoodie
If you are not familiar with the Pull Forward movement, you can learn more here.

Yadda, yadda, yadda… 2019 so far…

Spotify shared with me my most listened to songs of 2018. I thought I’d share the list with you so you can rock out properly. Related: my tops songs of 2019 might be the exact same songs since my Top 2018 Played songs is currently my FAVORITE PLAYLIST:

My top 16 songs in Spotify in 2018
My top 32 songs in Spotify in 2018
Don’t judge šŸ˜‰

Books (paper) I am reading right now:

Books I have/am listening to (via Libro.fm… like Audible, but supports local, independent bookstores!)


I shared this post on parenting teens written by Janelle of Renegade Mothering on my JOTS Facebook page. And like WHOA YOU GUYS. This really hit a chord and makes me want to pull back the curtain I have been living behind in my own “OMG I HAVE THREE TEENAGERS” journey.

What’s tough is, sharing this journey of parting teens is tricky. At least for me. I know my kids’ friends know I have a blog and it’s hard to share my side of the stor(ies) without revealing things about my kids that I suspect they would prefer I keep within our family.

I am trying to process through ways to keep it real here with you, while honoring the privacy of my teens. But that post NAILED IT and CRACKED IT OPEN. We (parents of teens) NEED each other. In most cases the crises we face are not unique to us and our teen(s)… but it sure can feel that way. We do need to know we are not alone. Though community doesn’t make the problems/eyerolling/attitude go away, there is a place to go for comfort… and advice from troops that have been in the trenches who have some pretty great ideas. I could go on, but I will save it for another post. For now, go subscribe to a few podcasts, get a couple books, and update your Spotify playlist… *wink wink*.

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