20 Creative Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint

by | Feb 7, 2017 | Artsy Craftsy

I have a secret for you. I has to do with chalkboard paint. I hold the belief that chalkboard paint is the unicorn of paint.

Always be a Unicorn | Jenny On The Spot

Chalkboard paint. It’s like a creative base layer. Once you lay down it down… it’s the equivalent to a runner merely lacing up her running shoes. The best is yet ahead.

If you are not a runner, then maybe… 

It’s like a frosted cake without sprinkles.

20 Creative Chalkboard Paint Ideas

20 Creative Chalkboard Paint Ideas | Jenny On The Spot
Or nail polish without a party nail. Nail polish is great. But a party nail you guys…

party nail


I digress. This topic is just very exciting to me! Most of the following ideas only require the purchase of some paint. And a brush if you lose yours like I always do.

Were I a betting woman, I’d bet you have most of the items needed to get your chalkboard paint creative on.

Are you ready? Here we go!

Chalkboard-up a tabletop!

chalkboard tabletop

Create a play table.

lego play table

A chalkboard wall for the kids.

Chalkboard wall for kids


Jazz-up an empty wall.

fill an empty wall | chalkboard wall


Have fun with light switches and such.

work around light switches with chalkboard paint


Hang your hat!

chalkboard paint entry or mudroom

The home office? Check!

large chalkboard for home office


Flower and herb pots, yo.

Source and another fun version here.

Give new life/use to old frames.


And MORE ways to use frames with chalkboard paint!

old frames for chalkboards


A fun twist on globes…

chalkboard globe DIY


Wall calendar for the SUPER planner.

large chalkboard wall calendar


Who needs another mirror when you can…

Chalkboard standing mirror

A wall planter for your herbs.

chalkboard wall planter 


Window schmindow…


Chalkboard clipboards in the house!

Chalkboard Clipboard www.jennyonthespot.com


Not your average door. 

chalkboard paint | door


Don’t toss those wine bottles!



Mason jar… LIDS. 

chalkboard mason jar lids

So brilliant. Source

 Dress up that old *silver* tray…

chalkboard silver platter


Thoughts? Have you come up with or seen any other creative uses for chalkboard paint? What was your favorite? Are you into it? Would you take on any of these ideas???

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