DIY Chalkboard Globe!

by | Dec 3, 2015 | Artsy Craftsy

I found several globes at Value Village one time.

I need to make another visit.

I love globes.

DIY Chalkboard Globe via @jennyonthespot

They are a piece of art all on their own. But when you find a really good deal on one, sometimes it’s fun to add a little creativity to that round little map.

You may have seen my glittered holiday globes but have you seen my DIY chalkboard globe?

DIY Chalkboard Globe via @jennyonthespot

Your eyes do not deceive you… that is a CHALKBOARD PAINTED GLOBE!

For your DIY chalkboard globe you will need:

  • a thrifted globe
  • chalkboard paint (I opted for schoolhouse green!)
  • small paint brush or small paint roller

I used 4 coats of chalkboard paint. This globe has a raised surface (silly mountains!), but that’s not a problem. Now character resides where mountains once ruled…

DIY Chalkboard Globe via @jennyonthespot

Follow the directions on the can to know how to make sure your surface is ready for chalk. It takes a number of days if you are not a Rushy Rusherson. I may or may not have pushed the limits a little.

This is what I do.

Once your surface is ready… have fun!

DIY Chalkboard Globe via @jennyonthespot And might I add… PEACE ON EARTH?!

DIY Chalkboard Globe via @jennyonthespotGet it?

Peace on EARTH?

I’m so hilarious.

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*Originally published December 2013 as part of the DIY glittered globe post*

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