2 Things… or Maybe 3

by | Oct 5, 2010 | General, Health | 12 comments

I’m not talking about Thing 1 and Thing 2.

I’m talking about sleep and exercise.

You want to click away, don’t you?

You’re sayin’, “I mean really, Jenny… sleep and exercise? Why don’t you just write about bunions and boiled cabbage?”

Because I don’t need bunions and I don’t need boiled cabbage.

I need sleep and exercise.

I need sleep because not getting sleep makes me stupid. And also cranky. And a little panicky.

I need exercise because not getting exercise makes me muffin-toppier… and makes me feel like living in my basementhappy to disconnect from all peoples of the earth.

And as sore as exercise sometimes makes me feel… I have discovered I feel equally as sore if I do not.

Let me write that again, but in a different way – My body feels sore when I get out of bed, regardless… *yay aging*

Lazy sore vs. active sore. Sore is as sore does… ?

There is a big difference between getting off the couch/out of bed and moaning because your abs or thighs have been given the what-for as opposed to getting off the couch and moaning because your butt fat is mad that you are not still sitting.

The problem with sleeping and exercising… is TIME. *insert “Thing 3” here*… I have the will and want, but I do not have the time.

So what is a girl to do? Recommit? That sounds so fad-diet.

Furthermore, thyme time doesn’t grow on trees.

But I have had thyme on my hands…

thyme on my hands

And also, thyme on my side…

thyme on my side

I have digressed so much I am not sure where I was heading. Hmph. See what happens when I don’t get enough slee…

Where’d I put my coffee?


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