101 Dalmatians Ticket Giveaway

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*Update! Winner! Trinity is our winner! Thank you all! And congratulations Trinity! Look for an email shortly!*

I am shameless people.

This is a SHAMELESS bragfest. Imma gonna tell you about the local children’s theatre – KCMT.org – the their current production 101 Dalmatians!

Look at these sweet pups:

3 of the 101 dalmatiansThere are 101 of these. Each costume – HANDMADE.

They are cute, it kinda makes you wanna die, huh?

Here’s Towser:

That's my boy.You died again, didn’t you?

And we all know, if there is no struggle, there is no story. Hitherhencetofore – our villain:

Cruella DevilleSo eeeeevile… yet so CUTE!

I adore these kids…

I have to say – 101 Dalmatians is QUITE a production! Over 100 kids, teen staff and many, many parents and family have come together to make this not only a fabulous production, but an experience of a lifetime for these kids. Oh there’s this one part… You HAVE to go. You’ll cry, you’ll laugh, you’ll hear A LOT of barking…

{An aside: read my article here for more on how KCMT.org is making a difference in the lives of teens}

Here’s the deal – plain and simple. If you live within “being able to make it to a performance” distance – I have a family set of tickets to give away. Four in the family? Ok! 6? OK! If you have 20… we will have to question your honesty. Tickets are $12 at the door, so – winning this is like, a lot of lattes!

Alls ya gotta do is leave a comment, telling me how many people are in YOUR family and maybe a word or two about why children’s theatre is made out of awesome. Contest ends 9 a.m. Wednesday April 13th. I will choose a winner that morning. Tickets are for any showing the 2nd weekend of shows – the 15-17th! Opening night is tonight and runs all weekend.

I know, go this weekend, enter and then go again with your winning tickets. You’ll want to see it twice. YOU WILL.

Oh and one more pic, because, while this play is all about the kids, I have to try to make it a little about me and the fact that I am in it too – even if it is for only a minute. Beggars can’t be choosers… but we CAN be an 80’s dancer in the Park Walk…

80's much?

Ready, set… comment!


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