10 Beautiful Backyard Escape Ideas

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The time I have spent in my backyard this summer has been for function not for backyard escape.

10 Backyard Escape Ideas

10 Beautiful Backyard Escape Ideas for your backyard. I aspire to incorproate all or most of these ideas into my own backyard someday... via @jennyonthespot

I have trimmed trees and shrubs, raked and tossed bad fruit, tossed a few outdoor tablecloths on my tables as weather permits… and I have stood on my deck and sighed. Countless times.

I did move our hammock from an odd corner on the deck to under the pear tree; purchased a couple of *umbrellas and frames from World Market; and a couple outdoor rugs last summer. *World Market is the first place I hit when I’m in the mood/need for a style update – for the inside or outside! I have a couple pas Since my backyard experience this summer has been mostly functional, I have been fulfilling my outdoor escape dreams via Pinterest finds.

Therefore… IF I had all the time in the world I would like to play with some of these ideas that I have found. I love that quote, “She designed a life that she loved.” My umbrellas and stands were a first step. Often times designing the life you love require it happen in baby steps. Last summer we got the hammock and some globe lights. This summer I have cute umbrellas. Perhaps next summer I will get to add something else. Perhaps one or a few of these ideas will make the cut…

I’m going to start with my friend Maegan’s (of Love Maegan)

10 Beautiful Backyard Escape Ideas - hammock

(You MUST *check out THIS fringe hammock!)

Her boho backyard escape is truly an escape… Her post was the bug that really bit me. Wouldn’t this just be the best spot to retreat to?! {source}

10 Beautiful Backyard Escape Ideas - Ping pong ball lightsThough I do have globe lights, I love the ambience this ping pong ball light string gives. I like the softenss. I just feels so… romantical-ish… {source}

10 Beautiful Backyard Escape Ideas - backyard movie

My backyard prohibits a good view of a movie screen because of two big fruit trees in the middle of the grassy area. It’s a great size yard, but… those trees are BIG problem. IF we had a backyard that had room… *sigh*… *longing*… {source}

We used to live on 3 fairly secluded acres and showed movies on our garage doors, however it’s been a couple summer since. I sure do miss it. I’m making plans for when that day comes again because it will!  You’ll have to look at the whole post on this backyard movie thing, because it’s just lovely.

10 Beautiful Backyard Escape Ideas - bunting

Some people probably think there needs to be a party to do put banners up but I would disagree. Can you imagine having morning coffee under these, or just stepping outside for some fresh air to be greeted by these happy guys? {source}

I LOVE OUTSIDE BUNTING/BANNERS. Last summer, I bought these colorful plastic banners on Amazon. They definitely add whimsy and fun. They’re cheap and don’t require time or sewing skill. I had time and sewing skill I’d make enough bunting to string my entire backyard. I mean… just look at that!

10 Beautiful Backyard Escape Ideas - fresh cut flowers

Something that can easily be overlooked as a charming add to backyard decor is flowers. There’s probably a fair amount of foliage already in the yard, but fresh-cut flowers are never a bad idea – even when used outside. Set a vase of flowers (or cluster of beer bottles filled with wildflowers) and instant charm! {source}

10 Beautiful Backyard Escape Ideas - long, low table

This idea is grand. It is not simple… and totally not something one can just throw together on a whim. BUT I LOVE IT and therefore it is a life list item… {source}

10 Beautiful Backyard Escape Ideas - outdoor living room and movie

This outdoor party table-thingy isn’t a simple, or inexpensive add either. You know how it is when you get on Pinterest and you are looking for simple-fix inspiration for a backyard escape? Before you know it you are looking at designing AN ACTUAL OUTDOOR LIVING ROOM! I know you can’t even blame me. {source}

10 Beautiful Backyard Escape Ideas - She Shed

Once you go outdoor living room you can’t go back. Hitherhencetofore… A SHE SHED. {source}

I would totally dig a She Shed.

10 Beautiful Backyard Escape Ideas - delightful porch decor

One place I love to go to get back on track is to my friend Meg Duerksen’s blog. She takes the loveliest pictures. Her style is all that I ever want to be/do/live. It’s fitting that this post ends with Meg’s influence and charm.  

This back porch has the lights and the bunting and colorful furniture… plants and outdoor rugs. Read the whole post to see her fun craft idea and how she throws an ice cream party. {source}

10 Beautiful Backyard Escape Ideas - firepit

And what backyard escape is complete without a fire pit?!  I love the white Adirondack chairs and colorful cushions. You don’t need to live next to a corn field to create a space like this, but you do need some space.{source}

10 Beautiful Backyard Escape Ideas via @jennyonthespotWhat dreams do you have for your backyard? What projects are you working on? 

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