Your Last Eye Exam Was When???

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Sure. That is not the most exciting title:

I have to ask.

Your Last Eye Exam Was When???

*I was asked to participate in the #EyeOpeningMoments campaign, sponsored byVSP® Vision Care. I have been compensated, and all opinions are my own.

Do you want to know something that is very exciting?


I have worn glasses since fourth grade. In fourth grade I also had a bike with white wall tires and a basket on the front.

Your last eye exam |

One of those things was very cool, and the other was not. I will let you be the judge.

I have dealt with issues surrounding my nearsighted vision for a long time… like blurry times in the pool as a child, broken glasses (thanks cartwheels), and reaching for glasses as the first thing I do every morning FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE

When I was a kid, there was a time I wanted to be an optometrist when I grew up. I considered my eye doctor a hero. As much of a pain it is to have to wear glasses, it is even more of a pain to be unable to see well. I thought my eye doctor was AMAZING because his work meant I could SEE STUFF.

Not only am I nearsighted, but husband is too.

Can you guess where I am going with this?

As a result, all THREE of our children have to wear glasses (or contacts) for their own nearsighted existences.

Your last eye exam |

Bless our hearts.

One of my bigger mom-guilt experiences has to do with the changing vision of my youngest. Lucy.

Your last eye exam |

Because she is the youngest, Lucy spent her first handful of years in the family as the only one without glasses.

Your last eye exam |

She often asked if she could have her own pair, and then one day…she started complaining about her vision.

Mom was suspicious.

Lucy claimed she couldn’t see the whiteboard at school very well. Being the outstanding mother that I am, I was certain she was making it up in an effort to manipulate me into getting her a pair of glasses.

Her claims with having vision clarity issues started about a month after her Well-Child check-up. According to her Well-Child vision test her eyesight was great! So when she started complaining about her vision only weeks later… I was skeptical.

It took a few months for me to come around, but I finally scheduled her a visit with our eye doctor.

Not so long story, short… Lucy needed glasses, and I felt like a JERK. But I was so thankful for our vision care benefits. 


When was your last eye exam?When was your last eye exam? #EyeOpeningMoments

5  people in glasses is no small investment and our family uses our eye care benefits to the very max. I share one of out#EyeOpeningMoments to highlight a benefit of carrying vision insurance.

For me it has meant less financial anxiety around our many visits, and as one who is a big fan of prevention it is comforting to know we have a bit of security if anything bigger than needing a new pair of glasses comes along.

I don’t need to be wearing my own glasses to see the benefits of vision care for MY family.

If I have learned anything, I have learned that vision can change quickly. Today, I am vigilant about getting all of us into the eye doctor once a year. Each year there is at least ONE of us who has a prescription that needs to be updated.

Not only do all my kids wear glasses, they all also wear contacts.

Not at the same time, to be clear.

My kids are active. Working with our doctor and technicians, we mapped out when the timing would be right for each child to take on contacts, and together found the lenses that worked best for each individual child.

Of course, issues with nearsightedness aren’t the only reason to visit the eye doctor. Annual vision check-ups can help your doctor observe unusual changes in your eyes or vision and catch issues early.

I have learned that even if it’s only a small change in prescription, that is enough to make a big change for a kid who has to strain to see the whiteboard at school.

Or the adult who needs to read a road sign. That’s rather important too.

So. Do you have or have you considered vision insurance? When was your (or your child’s) last eye exam?

For more information on VSP and their vision care benefits, you can visit their website and Facebook Page.


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of VSP. The opinions and text are all mine.

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