Yet Another Unboxing: Rocksbox Premium Jewelry Subscription Box

by | Mar 10, 2015 | Style, Video

Some people say they were born in the wrong decade… Some think they are a 50’s sock-hopper at heart. Or a hippie. Or a flapper.

I kind-of think I was born smack-dab at the right time: electricity, heated seats, automatic doors on minivans, and a Bubba Gump-esque-level of subscription services… but instead of shrimp gumbo and shrimp scampi and shrimp kabobs and shrimp creole… we have BOXES… clothes boxes and fitness boxes and lifestyle boxes and Aunt Flo boxes and sock boxes and shaving boxes and craft boxes AND ACCESSORY BOXES.

Today I want to share with you about one of those boxes… ROCKSBOX.


Which does not suck.

Rocksbox is a premium jewelry subscription box. You get 3 pieces valued up to $200 to use for a time or buy if you’d like.

I have had my three pieces about a week and I can’t even with the earrings. I LOVE them and I plan to keep them.

I do like the necklace, but I think I need more dress-up events to justify keeping it. The idea here is this is nice stuff, not bargain items. So keep that in mind.

Honestly, I am loaded-up with bargain jewelry. I like the idea of discovering a few nice items to possibly add to my addiction collection.

The wrap bracelet is so pretty and sparkly and I am utterly split about whether I will keep or return. It is on the pricey side.

For me.

I knew going into this, these pieces would be on the pricey side. I own a lot of costume jewelry… that I bought pretty darn cheap. I am at a point where I would like add select nice pieces to my collection. I just need to decide of the wrap bracelet fits that criteria for me.

So far, I have gotten a real kick out of Rocksbox. Heck, if only to borrow and return! I LOVE that idea! It is mailed in a reusable mail bag, with return label. They make it VERY easy to return. I haven’t returned yet, so I cannot communicate my expereince with that yet… but I can’t imagine with a provided return bag and label there would be much issue!

If you would like to check out Rocksbox, you can follow this link. If you use the code jennyonthespotxoxo by April 10th, you can get your first month free. That doesn’t suck.

Rocksbox goodies. Rocksbox unboxing!What do you think? I am definitely buying those earrings to keep and love and call my own.

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