Wonder and Company: Wonderful Objects Box Unboxing!

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My name is Jenny and I like surprises.

Not surprises like, “Oh hey… we need to throw out all the meat in the freezer because the freezer must’ve quite working a few days ago and there’s a puddle in the garage and…”

Not THOSE kinds of surprises.

I like surprises of cute things.

Fun things.

That’s probably why I love my birthday so much.

It’s coming up, BTW.

October 27th.

But I digress.



Wonder and Company has a new, quarterly subscription box service launch – Wonderful Objects!

Specializing in charm and delight… IN A BOX.

My friend Megan is one of the instigators of this delightfulness. She shared about it on Facebook one day and I thought… “A NEW REASON TO DO AN UNBOXING AND DISCOVER FUN THINGS SIGN ME UP!”

(All caps and no punctuation intended).

So I did it.

I signed me up.

And I got to do what I love to do…

Wonder and Company

Everything about it is wonder-ful. And I had NO idea what to expect.


And by no idea, I mean, NONE IDEA.

Except I suspects the chances of delight were high.

My friend Megan… I adore her… and admire her. Her style and her creativity… I just know her taste is, to use a term of youth these days – on fleek.

So I had a hunch this box would be all that was promised.

Before the box even came…it started. The magic. The promised magic trickled in by way of a letter of … of … anticipation! A pre-funk, if you will. As if I wasn’t already excited…


The pre-funk made it very clear that magic was indeed on it’s way…


You probably want in.

OK, OK… here are the deets – orders are now open for #WonderfulObjects Box #2. Go here for more info on how to get in on it next go-round. I know a lot of subscription services are monthly, but this is quarterly. You can never have too much of a good thing, yet…

The Mystery Box is, of course, a lot of fun for your own mystery-loving self… but how about for a friend? Something like this doesn’t surprise a friend everyday.

Aaanywho… that’s the gist.

The skinny.

The wonder…

*This is not a sponsored post. Just in case you were wondering.

Peace. Sparkles. Magic…

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