Winter Driving Tips from Chevrolet

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*I was given a Chevy Traverse to drive for a week. Winter driving tips from Chevrolet. All opinion and experience is my own.

It’s winter, so I think some winter driving tips are in order! 

Of course hitting the winter roads in this beauty sure does help:

Chevrolet Traverse AWD Premiere

This mid-size SUV is the Chevrolet Traverse AWD Premiere. It’s so serious about winter driving safety it even gives a little warning if icy road conditions are expected! It also give a little warning if you leave anything in the backseat.

That is legit, awesome.

But what about those Winter Driving Tips? We still have much of the Winter season ahead of us, so let’s be safe out on those wet, icy, and snowy roads!

Winter Driving Tips from Chevrolet

Maintain your momentum!

When traveling uphill in snowy conditions, leave room in front of you and maintain momentum.

Be cautious changing lanes.

Look for patches of snow for better traction. If the vehicle slips, do not overcorrect or panic, the StabiliTrak system will assist.

If skidding, don’t pump the breaks.

Maintain pressure on the brake, and let the ABS system modulate the braking. Look in the direction you want to go and steer smoothly.

If your vehicle gets stuck…

Depending on the clearances and conditions, the vehicle can be rocked free. Clear the area around the front wheels and turn off any traction system. Gently shift between reverse and a low forward, spinning the wheels as little as possible. If unsuccessful, call for help.

If vehicle is stranded…

Call OnStar for assistance. While waiting for help, clear snow from the exhaust pipe, and intermittently run the vehicle to keep the interior warm.

Winter Driving Tips from Chevrolet

So outside of safety features to help us through scary or dangerous winter road conditions, what other important features does the Traverse have to offer?

  • Fully heated steering wheel
  • Heated front and back seats
  • Back-up and overhead black-up cameras 
  • Keyless entry & push-button start
  • Hidden compartment
  • Seats 7 comfortably
  • Extra deep/hidden storage compartment in the back
Extra storage space in the hidden trunk compartment in the Chevrolet
  • AWD & 4WD
  • Overall SEXINESS
Only in my dreams? I hope not! Loving the Chevy traverse interface.
  • Room for lots of STUFF

Did I mention the headlight feature? It will turn the brights on and off FOR you. One evening I was driving along a dark road and the brights went on themselves! And the turned off on their own when I came up to an a brighter intersection. It was COOL. It freaked me out at first… I had NO idea!

For more information on the Chevrolet Traverse Premiere, visit the website right here. And for a little MORE about the Chevrolet Traverse – jump in on the Facebook LIVE video where I walk ya through some of the interior features!

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