Whole30 Snack- The Apple Donut!

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You don’t have to be Whole30-ing to eat this. You don’t have to be Whole30-ing to WANT eat this Whole30 Snack…

Whole30 Donut Recipe | @jennyonthespot

THIS particular donut is a great fit for vegans, vegetarians, Whole30-ers, those who eat clean, or anyone just looking for a snack that is fun, delicious, and out-of-the-ordinary.

It’s also a great treat for kids… it makes a healthy snack option loads of fun. It can even be an “art” project for bored kids 😉

It’s just plain easy, right?! Cut the apple in slices and cut out the core (I don’t have an *apple corer, but that would make this project a bit easier… but your choice!). Slather with the nut butter of your choice (I used *almond butter, but there’s the standard peanut butter, or cashew butter, and trader Joe’s even has a Mixed Nut Butter!). I like to add coconut sprinkles, cinnamon, and a pinch of sea salt (especially if you use an unsalted butter). And that’s it!

A snack that’s healthy, fun, and really yummy…

Enjoy a Whole30 Apple Donut | Jenny On The Spot
Have you ever made anything like this before? My favorite way to enjoy apples is with a little nut butter, but this way just makes it a bit more fun, do you agree?

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Originally published July 2017

Guilt Free and Gluten Free Apple Donut from Jenny On The Spot

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