When Your Child Has a Seizure Disorder

by | Jan 23, 2005 | Joel, Parenting/Family

Almost 3 years ago my son had his first seizures.

When Your Child Has a Seizure Disorder

I didn’t witness my son’s very first seizure. I found him lying on the floor.

I thought he had choked on something. I gave him the Heimlich 3 times (the next day he said his tummy was sore). He was 2 years and 8 months. We took 2 ambulance rides that day.

Olivia is now the same age he was then. I am about the same number of weeks pregnant. The “anniversary date” is a month away.

I still find myself losing my cool a bit or freaking out on the inside if the kids get too quiet or don’t answer right away. It’s hard to let the memory of that day go.

Joel’s condition is fully controlled with medication. He doesn’t have a severe case, and he takes a fairly low dose of medication twice a day. We only had to go through two other meds to find a good fit for him. We are fortunate that it is controllable. I have read many cases where that is not the case. My husband and I are so very thankful.

On the other meds, Joel had small “incidences”, head flinches, brief loss of balance, and even loss of laldder control (which adds a bit of complication when potty training…)

In June, it will be 2 full years he has gone without any seizures. This is a major milestone, but it means more tests… The last time he had an EEG he was so young, I don’t know what to expect from my big boy. It was scary for him and heart-wrenching for us. I pray that he will not be fearful.

We are also praying for no traces of seizure activity. I wish that type of news would offer me ultimate comfort, but there is still fear. I still struggle with allowing Joel to climb without a “spotter” (what if a brief incident occurs?), but I do.

I fear recurrence in later years or months. I fear having this in his health history will limit his choices. 

I am getting ahead of myself. June is still months away. I just take joy in the fact that he is healthy, active, smart and has the best sense of humor! I tearfully rejoice that he is alive (he was blue when I found him that morning 3 years ago). I am thankful he takes his medicine so well (he used to blow the sprinkles off the spoon). Finally I am thankful God chose me to be his mom. At 5, he tells me I am the best mom… I sure hope he still thinks that when he’s 30…

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