What I’ve Learned This Summer

by | Aug 18, 2015 | Life

I haven’t written for the sake of writing in a while.

But I have spent some time in a hammock.

in a hammock

You know what I’ve learned this summer?

I have learned that no matter how intent you are… no matter how MUCH you know how to NOT flip over in a hammock… flipping over in a hammock can happen.

It can.

I have also learned other things…

I’ve learned breaking one’s pinky toe sucks.

But not coffee…

cup of coffee

Breaking one’s toe is a big enough deal that everything takes twice as long to do (except for things you only need your arms and hands for). But small enough you don’t really get extra help… But big enough that you really do need extra help (ex: laundry, yard work, anything requiring standing on tippy toes, and walking in general).

In short, I have learned that a pinky toe injury is the least compassioned injury. And compassioned is a word. Because I decided it is. My toe is broken – I get to make-up new words. I can’t reach for the Whiskey on the high shelf without pain, so just gimme a break and let me invent words without challenge.

Thank you. Comapassion. FINALLY.

I’ve learned that no matter how hard you decide that THIS SUMMER will be the summer that will not fly by… it will, if fact, fly by. At a speed so speedy you can’t even see the word that defines how speedy it is.


I’ve learned having a kid with a license is AWESOME. It is stressful. And somewhat expensive. But, take for example, today… when my daughter needed a ride and after drive children around for no less than 6 hours the day before my butt and spirit were DONE.

Driving kids from place to place is like moving bags of sand from corner to corner. I mean, kids are way more important than bags of sand, but the act of driving and driving and driving can be a bit mind-numbing.

But I digress.

So today, my daughter needed a ride and I was all, “TEENAGE SON WITH LICENSE. DRIVE. SISTER. NOW.”

Probably the most beautiful all caps sentence of my life.

Sure, I still have some anxiety around that level of letting go. But whatever – OUTSOURCING IS THE BOMB.

I have also learned feeding giraffes is awesome.

feeding a giraffe

And portable wine… I’ve learned it may not always be the best wine… but it is wine… which is better than NOT wine.

portable wine

At the start of summer I decided to make myself learn how to text with both hands. Up until the beginning of the summer I was a right-thumbed texter. Right thumb and right thumb only. It was an impediment to speed and the slowness of a solo-thumb text caused me to be very poor at replying to texts. Or PMs. Or emails via phone. So I made me learn how to type with both my thumbs… which has greatly increased my texting speed. But it has also greatly increased my texting errors.

So I learned that too. This proof is most evident in my Tweets.

Do you follow me on Twitter?

And that is what I have learned this summer.

See? You don’t have to go to school to learn things. But don’t tell the kids that. They need to go to school.

I think we all know why.

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