What Does ADULTING Mean?

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Seriously. What does ADULTING mean?

According to dictionary.com “adulting is,

an informal term to describe behavior that is seen as responsible and grown-up. This behavior often involves meeting the mundane demands of independent and professional living, such as paying bills and running errands

The Urban Dictionary says,

Adulting (v): to carry out one or more of the duties and responsibilities expected of fully developed individuals (paying off that credit card debt, settling beef without blasting social media, etc). Exclusively used by those who adult less than 50% of the time.

In short, I would say its the verb for “grown-up”. It’s the modern terminology for “being an adult”, often accompanied with a hashtag in front of it…


I recently wrote a book on the topic of adulting, Adulting for Christians: An Interactive Guide to Keeping the Faith While Learning the Ropes.

What Does Adulting Mean_ Adulting for Christians Book

Adulting for Christians is a lighthearted, deep-ish dive into the world of adulting. But not too deep. We don’t want to scare anyone away 😉 Some chapter titles include (there are 13 chapters: 

  • Acting Like a Responsible Human
  • Being the Kind of Person People Want to Be Around
  • Finding Joy
  • Getting the Job
  • Keeping the Job
  • Get Smart About Money

This book is part insight, part devotional, and part journal. There are quotes from present-day adults and Biblical-day adults too.

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But WHO is this book for, WHY this book, and HOW does one use it?

WHO: This book is for anyone on the verge of adulthood, in the middle of it, and even the ones who feel they have mastered it. It is a PERFECT high school or college graduation gift. I even had a friend using it as a supporting text for teaching in his adulting section in his social studies class!

WHY: Adults are BUSY. Adults take their wisdom for granted. The topics in this book cover topics we have all dealt with, but in the busyness of survival, we don’t always remember to make note and teach some important lessons. It’s easy to take for granted lessons learned.

HOW: However you want! 

  • Use it as a personal devotional. The chapters are not terribly long, take on a chapter a week. You could probably even do it more quickly, but there is a fair amount of journaling space. The reading is quick, but I encourage taking time to pour your opinion and thought into the prompts.
  • Use it for family time. I know of several families of tweens and up that have chosen to go through this book together. This is a book on the taking on of adulthood with faith, and tackling some of these topics together with your young adult can open up some fantastic conversation opportunities.
  • Give it as a gift. This book is the PERFECT graduation gift.
  • BOOK GROUP! This would make a FANTASTIC group study! On Zoom aaaaand IRL!
  • Use it as encouragement for you or anyone struggling in their adulting journey. This book was written knowing adulting is tough and scary, so it aims to encourage. In it I lay out hope in the practical sense, and hope from above. This is not a book filled with rules and limits, but encourages the reader to feel out their own adulting space with reminders that God has our back, we are each important and very loved. 
  • If you have been adulting for years – this could be great for you too! I have had people reach out and share this book has been a great review/reminder in their long-existing adulting process. 
  • ______(your answer here)_____ In the spirit of this book… you decide. I wrote the book with lots of room for self-discovery. How might YOU use this book? Yes, it is loaded with advice, but also lots of room to move about. There are thoughtful questions to get us all thinking and dreaming and encouraged about the road ahead. I LOVE hearing about ways this book is being used and impacting those who have read it – so drop a comment here, email me at jennyonthespot@gmail (.com), or leave a review on Amazon (I would REALLY love that!).

You can get your own copy just about anywhere. You can get it on Amazon here, but I would LOVE for you to engage and support your local bookstore and see about getting your copies (see what I did there?) through your local bookseller!!!

Adulting for Christians: An Interactive Guide to Keeping the Faith WHile Learning the Ropes Book

Speaking of adulting, I wrote a post about whether or not it’s ok to say anything we want. Is it ok to say whatever we want? You can read that post here.

And then here’s me with my book. Because… I WROTE A BOOK!!!


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