Walk Out Wednesdays with Omron’s Alvita Wireless Activity Tracker

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“These shoes were made for walkin’…”

Walk Out Wednesdays with Omron

That’s how the song goes, right?

I’ve been using Omron’s Alvita Wireless Activity Tracker the past month or so, and not just because of their Walk Out Wednesdays campaign. But that helps. A little extra push is a big push somedays. It allows you to transfer your fitness data wirelessly to your smartphone with the free Omron Fitness App. Featuring Bluetooth® Smart technology, the Alvita Wireless Tracker records regular steps, aerobic steps, distance and calories. And it is inexpensive! Coming in at a cool $45.

I have been gettin’ my walk on, if you will.

And sometimes my run.

The tracker helps motivate me to get out the door.

It helps because I hate it, when at the end of the day, I have not reached my step goal. And as much running around as I do, it still requires a bit of intention to hit 10,000 steps.

Or 12,000. I bumped up my goal. Which means I have an even greater need to find a way to get all my steps in!

There are other benefits behind clipping on a tracker and giving oneself an extra push to walk out. Lately, I have turned off the exercise/motivation music and have been exploring podcasts… I am listenting to interesting stories. I am finding personal, spiritual, and business inspiration. New ideas fill my ears and I am dreaming again.

It’s a shift I have been making and it has been a really good shift.

Plus, this shift and added motivation means I am paying closer attention to the path I am following…


I often walk the same route. But everything changes.


Winter. Spring. Summer. Fall.


I used to push my body hard. But these days I am using my time outdoors as an opportunity to not only do something good for my body, but also my mind. I may not stop and smell the roses (there are no rose bushes on this route anyway…). But I do stop and take pictures.


As many times as I have walked and run this route… I discover things I have never seen before.


And of course I see the things I see each time. The things that have become favorites.


Why a run-down shed is a favorite, I don’t know. But there’s just something about it. Be there sunshine or a cloudy day. My favorite is when a seagull takes perch on the peak. Usually a seagull is there. But not today.

I guess they’re off doing other things this late morning.

You go get it, Seagull. GET IT.

I never regret taking the time to walk out. Sure there are a million other things I can be doing instead. Email. Editing. Laundry. Dishes. Meetings. But those things are always there – waiting to drain me. I take time to walk out on those things so I can be a better doer of the stuff that will be there when I walk back in.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Omron. The opinions and text are all mine.

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