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OK guys. I know you want to up your mobile photo game. I mean, WHO DOESN’T? We’re not taking all these millions of photos because we want to FORGET these memories. Or delicious meals eaten in poorly lit environments *wink wink*…

Check out THIS before & after at the ice rink with my daughters and niece over Christmas:

The photo on the left is… FINE. But the photo on the right is how I remember the afternoon feeeeeeling… vibrant!

Sometimes our phones capture bothersome shadows, or power lines, or our photos are just too dang dark. Sometimes lighting or movement or kids or that one awesome meal by candelight just won’t cooperate, AM I RIGHT?!

Well, relief is near. My friend, Jill Krause of Baby Rabies and Happy Loud Life has created an AMAZING ebook – Picture Play. I used tools and tip I learned from this book in that photo (on the right) at the ice rink!

Picture Play ebook

Picture Play is BURSTING with practical, ACHIEVABLE tips, tools, and advice. Jill is a busy gal like you and me and has ZERO time to give anyone the run-around. And she’s real, IRL (I KNOW HER!) and all the way through the book. Here’s probably my favorite snippet as she describes the photo:

Please know that everything immediately out of the frame here is crusted with day-old food and smells like a wet sponge.

How many times have you shoved the messy pieces of life out of a frame in an effort to capture “THE” moment, right?!! I love her real-ness and it makes learning a bunch more fun.

Jill and I in Santa Barbara back in 2012
This is Jill and me back in 2012. Dang! We were practically babies! She has been a photography inspiration and influence in my life for a very long time. I am SO glad she created this book!!

Picture Play is an ebook written for the pocket picture taker like you and me! We are snapping away, taking pictures… wishing the light was better. Wishing that one person would step out of the frame… or hating on that old tomato plant in the garden:

Picture Play Edits - erase unwanted background distractions with Picture Play tips
Before (left) and after (right) using tips learned from Picture Play ebook! No more dead tomato plant planter (in before pic to left) and green sticks (before pic on my right)!

To be honest/prideful, I kinda feel like I have a pretty strong editing game when it comes to pictures I take and edit on my phone.


I have learned SO much because of Picture Play. I have now added a couple of new editing apps that have always intimidated me, and they have become my GO TO apps because now I finally know how to use them.

Up Your Mobile Photo Game!

I shared a couple of my own examples, and I could share a bunch more because I have used my new skills A LOT in these last couple of months. But instead, I want to show you examples of what OTHERS have been doing with THEIR OWN photography using the skills taught in Picture Play! It is so motivating and inspiring to see what others have been able to do with their photos!

Dreamy beach escape becomes even dreamier using tips learned in Picture Play ebook by Jill Krause of Baby Rabies. Photo by @backtocalley on Instagram
Photo by Back To Calley on Instagram!

Isn’t that magical???! And Calley did that ON HER PHONE YOU GUYS. Her magical memory of her time at that beach house matches her edits.

Hey. What about those pesky trees and power lines?

No more power lines thanks to tips from Picture Play ebook. Photo by
Photo by Andrea Updyke of Just a Four Letter Word

My friend Andrea ROCKED that picture. How many times have you wanted to wipe out a bothersome *something* in the background of one of your pics? No more power lines? WHAT?! This tip opens up a whole new world for us pocket picture takers!


How about our kiddos??? We ALL have taken such fun pics of our ADORABLE kiddos only to struggle with shadows or poor lighting. OH THE POTENTIAL! Never fear… tips from Picture Play are here!

Photo by Lucy McEwen!

How many of us can relate to that last before picture? We have ALL snapped those… with a heart-full of wishing the light was better. Real life seldom happens in optimal photo-taking conditions. I LOVE that Lucy was able to brighten things up to show off those two cuties so full of life and fun!

What about food? Food can be TOUGH, and dough can especially tough to, um, communicate…

Coming to life with Picture Play ebook. Photo by @deirdre.locascio on Instagram!
Bread Coming to Life… taken by Deirdre Locascio (Instagram)

AMAZING, right?! Not only does Jill give app suggestions and tutorials, she talks about stuff like composition (can be seen in action in the after photo above). In the book she even throws in a life lesson or two:

Every time I see a picture of myself that I don’t like, I try to remind myself that there’s a good chance I’ll cherish it in a few years.

That quote hit me. How many photos have we deleted, or really wanted to delete because we don’t like the way we look? I appreciate the practical, emotionally supportive tips she drops in there too.

Up Your Mobile Photo Game!

This next picture just gets my heart. This little guy is just the sweetest without once ounce of change, but…

Edits made using tips from Picture Play ebook. Photo by
Awww, cute buddy! Photo by Katie Adams (Instagram)

Katie was able to do a little tweaking that made something sweet just reach out and grab those old heart strings. She didn’t change the personality, but what she did do was bring the emotion to the top, right? The snow is whiter… Little Fella’s face is brighter. Just… nearer.

If you would like to create your own little miracles with your photos… I STRONGLY suggest you get Picture Play (here). At $19 it is SUPER affordable… and an investment that will pay for itself saved picture after saved picture after saved picture. It is LOADED with tips and tricks and practical, understandable advice. It is an easy read, and only a download away…

Create Photos You'll Love (With Your Phone!)
Get it HERE!

You are taking pictures no matter what… with Picture Play you can turn them into photos you will LOVE. And maybe even brag about.

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