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It’s a handy-dandy tutorial on how one can apply make-up in children for stage performances!



My kids have been involved in the local children’s musical theatre since Spring 2009.

Which means, my youngest was 4 when she did her first show.

And though the time commitment of a production can be brutal… applying eyeliner to a child can prove to a life-changing event all by itself.

My A-HA moment was one afternoon about 2 years ago. We were at the end of the run of shows… We were all tired. I had to put eyeliner on Lucy for the 18th bajillionth time in 9 days and she was not cooperating. Her eyes were irritated, I was not doing it right and she started crying (which, if you are familiar with eyeliner… tears do not help… AT. ALL).


Telling a child involved in theatre to not be dramatic is like… I don’t think there is a comparative. It was just the most ridiculous statement  I have ever uttered.


As I see new parents come into the fold of our theatre group, I think of me and Lucy and that one afternoon…

So recently, my friend Amy, the Make-Up Director for the Kitsap Children’s Musical Theatre, graciously  agreed to shoot a video and give us  a tutorial on how to apply the base make-up for stage. This is not fancy-schmancy, two-headed monster make-up. You will not learn how to make bloody scabs… or stubble… This covers the base make-up before the REAL professionals get to work their magic.

The way our theatre program works, the kids have to come with foundation (so your child doesn’t look like death under bright stage lights), eyeliner and mascara (so your child doesn’t look eyeless under bright stage lights) already applied. There are tips Amy shares that makes the job the parents have to do easier. Applying make-up to children is it’s own beast. I know for me, it is easier to do something when I can watch someone else do it. So in this video, Amy does that for us!

A video tutorial – Stage-Make-up for Kids!

Something we did not touch on in the video is make-up removal.

I have found, that after almost 2 full weeks of make-up (and tape residue from mics), there is little one can do to keep the child’s face from experiencing some irritation. But the best strategies are to clean the face with a mild make-up cleanser (we use Neutrogena® Naturals Fresh Cleansing + Makeup Remover). We have also found that gentle make-up wipes are nice for a 1st-pass in the car on the drive home.

(Important note: if you take the wipes into the green room, HIDE THEM. The wipes are a HOT commodity with over 100 kids in make-up they are itching to wipe away!)

All that make-up, and soap, and water leaves my kids’ skin irritated, even after one or two days. So after their faces are cleaned, I apply  Aquaphor… it was great for my kids’ bottom cheeks when they had diaper rash, and it’s great for their face cheeks while they catch some zzz’s before another show. I don’t know what other folks do, but I know this has worked really well for us.

And there you have it! If you have any make-up tips or make-up removal and skin care tips, I’d love to read them in the comments! You idea just might help another struggling stage parent as well!!!


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