Turn the Labels Around: The Truth About Mom Shaming

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What is the truth about mom shaming?

In my experience, mom shaming never builds others up. It only breaks others down.

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The time to turn the labels around is long past due. It’s time to celebrate what is real.

I’ve been shamed/judged for breastfeeding. For NOT breastfeeding. For being too strict. For not being strict enough.

Family fun in the mud
For homeschooling.

For not homeschooling. For co-sleeping. And for NOT co-sleeping. (You can check out a video I made awhile back about mom shaming here.)

My husband and I have tried a lot of old parenting styles and ideas as well as the new styles and ideas, and I have not found ONE RIGHT WAY to parent even just ONE of my three kids.

My kids and I. Mother's Day 2016
I am thankful for the women in my life who have lovingly taken time to listen to my struggles and fears and concerns. They are the ones who walk alongside me in the struggle… Some have just cried with me, others try to give their best advice. But the key in their advice-giving is – they listen. I am thankful for friends who take the time to listen and give advice out of love for me and my children… not out of their own agenda.

Parenting is crazy-making. And hard. And awesome.

On vacation with the family...
The truth about mom shaming is, when moms shame one another it doesn’t make us better moms. It makes us feel more guilty, sometimes hopeless, perhaps desperate, or lonely, or countless other emotions that do nothing to make a better mother.

Is it a little odd that we raise our kids to not be bullies, but when it comes to mom culture… bullying tends to be so very prevalent?

Beech-Nut conducted a survey on the topic of mom shaming recently.

Can you guess what the survey revealed?

If you are thinking the survey revealed that mom shaming makes for better moms… I would direct you to the survey results.

The Truth About Mom Shaming | Turn the Labels Around | Beech-Nut
I am willing to bet a week’s worth of morning coffee that you are not surprised by the survey results.

It is highly probably (at least 82% likely) you are aware that mom shaming is an issue.

Other data from the survey revealed:

  • Nearly 70% of moms think the issue has become worse.
  • More than half of moms hesitate to share on social media due to shaming
  • 60% admit to judging other moms
  • 70% wish they’d received more support as new moms

Had you been included in the study – where would you stand?

Beech-Nut’s Turn The Labels Around campaign was created to encourage moms to do just that – turn the labels around and celebrate REAL motherhood.

I am thrilled to be joining a panel put together by Beech-Nut and HuffPost Parents in New York City on May 4th. The panel will be live streamed on the HuffPost Parents Facebook page. Tune in HERE in at 10 a.m. EST (7 a.m. PST) to watch and hear from parenting and psychology expert, Dr. Michele Borba, HuffPost Parents Editorial Director Emily McCombs, Adanna Dill & Allison Cooper (bloggers and moms), and… yours truly as we discuss mom shaming and the impact it has on moms and families.

Speaking of #ShowMomsLove – let’s do that. Turn the labels around. Show a mom some love. Reach out to a mom online and tell her she’s alright. And use #ShowMomsLove so we can all feel the love.

Having trouble viewing the video? Watch here.
So let’s do it. Let’s #ShowMomsLove. And I hope you can catch the Facebook Live on Thursday at 10 a.m. EST here.


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