Things You’re Really Into Right Now: TRUFFLES by Legacy Chocolates

by | Oct 23, 2015 | Food & Drink, Video

So, over there on my YouTube I’ve been doing this thing I call, Things I’m Really Into Right Now.

I started it because… if I am an expert on anything… it’s things that I like.

If I were an expert in science, this blog would be about science.

But then you probably wouldn’t want to read this blog.

Not that you are not sciency… but let’s face it… science? I mean, laws of physics are awesome, but…

Let’s do a little test… Which image are you more drawn to? The image on the left or the image on the right?

Truffles or physics?

I will now proceed assuming you are more drawn to and interested in the image on the left.

(The image on the right gives me uncomfortable flashbacks I should have… had I not cheated my way through math. Can I blame having the same math teacher throughout high school who couldn’t understand how I couldn’t understand and I gave up because I had no other options since he just couldn’t get it that I wasn’t getting it and and?…)

Me and math. We never had a good chance to form a positive relationship. I do know, however, that two negatives make a positive, but that only works in math. Not in actual learning, so…

I digress.

A viewer, reader, heart-knower… Emily answered a call. She responded to my question, “What are YOU really into right now?” She answered it WAY BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS…

I love me some chocolate. And I’ve become quite particular about my chocolate eating as well. Like, if it’s crappy… I just don’t eat it. A chocolate craving is more bearable than eating bad chocolate.

Once you go good chocolate, you never go back.

So. Legacy Chocolates.

Raspberry Truffle from Legacy Chocolates

You can visit Legacy Chocolates here. YOU CAN ORDER ONLINE YOU GUYS.

Truffles from Legacy Chocolates

So, thanks to Emily I can now add Legacy Chocolates to the list of Things I’m Really Into Right Now. And if you like chocolate I don’t think it’s risky to assume that these lovely truffles (and espresso beans!) would be something you could be really into.

For reals. They come in their own little protective cups. They are that special.

What I did not note in the video was the lovely note Emily included. As wonderful as the chocolates were, her note and kind words were like chocolate – for my heart. And my soul.

As icky as the online world can get… there is this beautiful space… Of connection. Of encouragement. Of meaning. Emily… thank you, not only for introducing something to enhance my addiction, but also for your goodness and kindness and letter that I have taped into my journal. t’s one of those bad day/what am I do here here letters. The kind you go to remind you of good things. Yea. That kind-of stuff… I am also really into.

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