Things That Go Missing When You Have Teenage Daughters

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I have two teen daughters. At this writing they are 16 and 13.

We are ROLLING DEEP, y’all.

Things That Go Missing When You Have Teenage Daughters

An Exhaustive List of Things That Go Missing When You Have Teenage Daughters

I nearly ALWAYS find myself looking for something that I KNOW I put away. Things that, until a few years ago, I thought were MINE and MINE ONLY because I put them in spaces that are designated MY STUFF SPACES… like MY BATHROOM or MY DRESSER or MY BEDROOM or MY PURSE.

If you envision me typing that last very long sentences with wild, feral, possessive toddler eyes… YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT.

I remember one time I went on a trip (work, I believe), and my daughter posted some pictures on Facebook. She and some friends had done a little photo shoot while I was away.

So cute. Social media + teen girls + photo shoots = obvi.

Imagine my surprise when in the pictures I saw my daughter wearing my beloved, new, and not inexpensive FREE PEOPLE SWEATER.

I had that sweater lovingly folded and put away hiiiiigh up in my closet but…


Somewhere along the way MY SACRED SPACES have evolved into decidedly shared spaces… with MY TEENAGE DAUGHTERS.

Because I need to vent, and because I know I am not the only mother with teenage daughters out there… I am sharing the list of things that go missing in and around my home BECAUSE of said teenage daughters. I share this list with you for not only my emotional/frustration release, but in solidarity with moms in this same season of life.

I believe I am not alone… which means you are not alone. 

And nothing you own is safe or sacred.

For those mamas out there with toddlers underfoot, that like to try to walk around in your far-too-big heels… this is just the beginning. Nothing is yours, not now. Not ever.

Right now you share your time on the potty, and maybe your underwear is being worn on those sweet toddler heads. But in 10 years… it’ll be like living with your college roommate all over again.

But sneakier. And faaaaar less apologetic when found out.

Without further ado, here’s that list of Things That Go Missing When You Have Teenage Daughters






Jean jackets.

Workout pants.

Hand weights.

Foam roller.


Sense of calm.




Yes, even underwear.

BB Creme/tinted moisturizer.

Blush sticks.

Make-up brushes.





Hair ties.

Bobby pins.


Flat iron.





Squirt bottles.

Did I mention shoes?

And clothes?

The GOOD pens.


Car keys.

Every good water bottle (Hydroflask, Swig, Swell…)



Food storage containers.

Rational thought.

Purses & bags.

Contact solution.

The EXPENSIVE hair conditioner.

Phone charger cords.

Phone charger cords. 

Phone charger cords.


Lip gloss.


Secret stash of chocolate.

Did I miss anything?

I could add MONEY to this list too, but it doesn’t “go missing” it just barely has time to hang out in the bank account. 

But I digress.

One thing that stands out that is not on this list for me… jewelry. My girls rarely dig into my jewelry. But if they do, they definitely ask… and the borrowing seems exclusive to special occasions. I know this may be an anomaly. If it is not an anomaly for you, I am here for you. I give great hugs.

I know there will come a day that I will miss… maybe I won’t miss the fact that I can’t find the things I need… but I will miss having them around… TO BLAME *wink wink*.

I have to remind myself to take it in stride. I will miss sharing my home with these two entertaining girls. But I won’t miss not being able to find my favorite tank top.

Besides, part of the problem is probably because I must be pretty cool. 


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