The Pirate Fairy and Five Pinterest Boards to Follow!

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Well if you checked in here last Saturday, you’d know that we have fairies on our minds around here. So much so, I helped Lucy make a special garden for her fairy, Rosie.

Our Fairy Garden

Lucky for us, there is no shortage of food to feed our fairy-hungry imaginations. Word on the street is an all new movie from the World of Peter Pan – The Pirate Fairy – is coming out is here!

The Pirate Fairy

…is an all-new Tinker Bell movie available NOW on Blu-ray and Digital HD!

Disney's The Pirate fairy

Perfect timing!

But this might mean we’ll need to build a pirate pond/shop or something…

Maybe I should consult Pinterest!

Speaking of… let’s talk a little bit about Pinterest.

I adore Pinterest for a multitude of reasons… from sparking my creativity to inspiring my artsy side, or party planning side, or giving me ideas on what to wear with my new boots… or better yet – introducing me to a new pair of boots… Pinterest is an amazing resource. Pinterest makes the unlikeliest of classroom parents the QUEEN of classroom parents.

So in the spirit of creativity, inspiration, and fairies, here my Five to Follow. My five Pinterest boards I want to share with you!

#1: This Disney’s The Pirate Fairy Pinterest board. By following this board you will find all you will ever hope in the theme of fairies and pirates. It’s treasure chest of activity and party ideas!

#2: This Spring Has Sprung board by Marie of Make and Takes! From spring recipes, to spring kid activities, to springy decor ideas… this is the place to find great springspiration!

#3 This Party board. Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day has the best taste and shares the most lovely things. I want to party with her.

#4 Um… SHOES. Allison of Petit Elefant has got her finger on the pulse of SHOES. If shoes had a pulse…

#5 Selfishly… I love my own STYLE: To Wear board. I just do. I love everything I have pinned there. If I wore everything I pinned… I would probably have to fashion a roof from the jeans and eat the t-shirts, but I would look so fabulous.

So. Those are my Five to Follow… what are yours? You can purchase The Pirate Fairy HERE. And check out the Facebook page HERE!

Disney's The Pirate fairy

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