The National Pork Board’s First eCookbook: Cooking for Comfort

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Ahhh… comfort, cooking, and pork recipes.

The National Pork Board has produced their first eCookbook, Cooking for Comfort!

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There are a couple reasons I am particularly excited about Cooking for Comfort. The first reason is, I HAVE 2 RECIPES IN THERE! Myyyyyyyy recipes in the same cookbook with Ray Lampe?! Hollah!!! Did you ever see my video with him  last February?

One of my recipe contributions is my mom’s Brunch Eggs recipe… the dish I often make for breakfast the morning after Thanksgiving or Christmas. A perfect dish for using the leftover ham! It is a recipe my family, my friends and I have enjoyed for years and years. It never gets old. No one ever says, “I hope you don’t bring that brunch egg dish.” Nope. In fact, I think making Brunch Eggs for others makes people love you more.

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The second recipe is a recipe from my husband’s aunt. My mother-in-law made it for us several years ago and I was all, “THIS IS AWESOME!” And she was all, “It’s Aunt Jesslyn’s recipe…” This is another favorite. In fact, every time my parents come for a visit, my own mom asks me to make it! Isn’t it every daughter’s dream to have her mom love her cooking? I love that my mom loves it when I make this for her. She’s been cooking for me for years, it’s MY turn!

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This new eCookbook is packed full of recipes outside of my own as well! Featuring time-honored favorites and new twists on classics from James Beard Award-winning Chef Michelle Bernstein, BBQ expert and author Ray Lampe and 10 leading food bloggers, the free cookbook highlights some of the tastiest ways to warm up with pork.

And it’s FREE.

No strings attached. Just a whole bunch of great pork recipes, carefully curated by the people who know pork the best!

The cookbook is loaded with delicious sounding recipes I now have dog-eared in my my mind… Chorizo and Cheese Empanadas with Avocado Crema, um… OH. YEAH! Or a twist on the noodle, Ray Lampe’s Pork Noodle Soup. In it you will also find a selection of comforting favorites from the National Pork Board including with modern twists, like BBQ Pork Mac n’ Cheese.


It’s easy to get – simply download your own copy of the National Pork’s Boards first eCookbook, Cooking for Comfort for free HERE. And when you do, you’ll receive a $1 coupon for fresh pork – while supplies last!


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*For the record: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of the National Pork Board. Opinions and text are my own.

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