The Monday Minute: The First Day of Summer

Hi friends!

It’s the first day of summer, y’all!

The Monday Minute (or two) was LIVE this morning. So it was actually more like the Monday Minute (or TWENTY), but that’s how FB LIVE works… gotta give folks time to come visit! But just because it was live, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist!

I am so glad there’s an embed feature so I can share it over here on the blog. If you haven’t liked my page over there on the FB, here’s the link to do that. I share there what I write here, but I also share lots of fun things I find on the web. Sometimes helpful things.

Crafty things.

And lots of food things.

I am huge fan of food.

And the random LIVE video as well.

Aaaanywhooooo… enjoy your week!!! Today is World Productivity Day AND the first day of summer, Tuesday is World Handshake Day, Wednesday is National Chocolate Eclair day aaaand National Onion Rings Day, Thursday is my son’s birthday and also Runners Selfie Day, and Friday is International Fairy Day (have you seen the fairy garden my Lucy and I made that one time… maybe make a fairy garden in honor of the day!).

WHEW! What a week.

And As I mentioned in the video… June 26th is the start of Shark Week! Time to load up JAWS in your Netflix account!

Finally… Peace and sparkles and happy week to YOU! If you are the comment-leaving kind… tell me what you have going on! What’s a great way to show kindness to others this week???

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