The Monday Minute. Or Two.

by | Nov 2, 2015 | Life

Hey friends!


Some of you are all, “YEAH MONDAY!” And you’re fist pumping and such.

While others are all, “shutupjenny”.

You can’t find your glasses, let alone find the shift key and space bar to insert capitalization and such.

In case you were unaware, I’ve started a new little *thing* over on my JOTS Facebook Page called, “The Monday Minute”. I would embed the video here except I am perpetually vexed with technical difficulties. If the points of the Bermuda Triangle were made of one humand and two technical points. I’d be there human of that triangle. I can tinker and smartly enter into a task with no luck. However, if my husband merely breathes on a technical task, the clouds open, angles sing, rainbows go double and… Aaaanywho… all that to say, here is a picture. Click on the picture or the hyperlink below if you are curious enough to actually WATCH the video. I don’t think my own Bermuda Triangle curse is transferrable. I fully own this vexing…

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 8.16.01 AM

(Video here)

Meanwhile, on this particular Monday….many of us are still confused by the time change.

And the rest of us are still rolling around in a semi-sugar coma on account of collecting the MAXIMUM amount of “Mommy Tax” on Halloween. And each day since…


(Image found here)

Is there a National Hide In The Closet And Each Candy Day? I think that should be the first full weekday after Halloween. And/or the first full day of summer vacation.

Aaanywho. Hope you pop on by over there on my JOTS Facebook page… and while you’re there, LIKE it. Then you can keep up on new Monday Minute (or two) and other things I’d share here, but I’m sharing there. Etc and whathaveyou.

And if you’re game, share n the comments what you do to power through Mondays. I love reading all the creative things folks are up to!

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