The HERSHEY’S Track and Field Games in Seattle!

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How often do we tell that to our kids, especially now as the days grow warm and long?

ALL. DAY. Right?

I am seeing many initiatives and programs encouraging families and kids to get active. To BE active. And to take advantage of the warmer weather.

My family just completed a fun run with the kids’ school not long ago. My daughter brought a few friends along…

Livi and friends at school fun run

I know not all schools sponsor fun runs… But there are so many opportunities to be found! One program is the HERSHEY’S Track and Field Games! The HERSHEY’S Track and Field Games has been in existence for 35 years! THIRTY-FIVE! The event is currently happening in more than 3000 communities nationwide. So chances are, there is an event near you! Follow this link to see when one will be in your area!


Hershey's Track and Field Games


At these games, kids from ages 9 to 14 get to run, jump and throw to their heart’s content. These games are a place kids get to experience track competition in a family-friendly, you-can-do-it environment.

From the event site:

At HERSHEY’S Track & Field Games, no matter how fast they run, how long they jump or how far they throw, every child is treated like a winner. HERSHEY’S Track & Field meets provide an outstanding opportunity for children to make new friends and become committed to a physical fitness program.

I love events that do that.

Since I live near Seattle, I am excited to be able to attend to Seattle’s event on May 29th at 5 p.m. at the West Seattle Stadium. These games have been in Seattle for 30 years! It is always a privilege to witness communities coming together for the benefit of children. Are you going to be there? If you are, come say “Hi!”. Maybe we can toss a ball, or at least get a picture together!

Though the games are for kids ages 9 to 14, there are activities for all ages… so mark your calendars and go have fun with your family! Be sure to visit the website for more detailed information.

However, if you and your family are unable to attend one of the many events (I repeat, over 3000!!!) happening across the country… you are not left in the proverbial dust. Nope… Hershey’s has created a FREE downloadable online birthday guide filled with a bunch of fun, active games! I have downloaded it, and you know what?! The activities are not just for birthdays! They are great for any time… perhaps a little fun family competition after dinner or a great resource for helping solve a summer boredom moment.

And parents, isn’t it nice to have a little somethin’-somethin’ in your back pocket?

I can’t wait to show you pictures from the games next week! Aaaaand bring you a Hershey’s sponsored giveaway!

*Disclosure: I was invited by Hershey’s to be their blogger spokesperson at the HERSHEY’S Track and Field Games in Seattle. This post is one piece of that partnership. I will also be present at the games in Seattle on May 29th, so… come say HI! Nominal compensation is being provided. And a HERSHEY’S Track and Field Games polo shirt. LEGIT, people. I am genuinely excited to be able to join with HERSHEY’S in their effort to bring health and fitness to children… hitherhencetofore… all expressed opinion and excitement is for reals.


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