Take It On Tuesday – HANG GLIDING, PEOPLE!

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It’s Take It on Tuesday, y’all!

HANG GLIDING, people!!!

HANG GLIDING anticipation

The beginning of October, I went to the Click Retreat, which took place in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I wrote about much of it here.

While on that trip I got to experience a most excellent thing… HANG GLIDING.

I kind-of feel HANG GLIDING should only be written in all caps. Because when I think about that day, I think about it in all caps.

My friend and Click Retreat roomie, Anna and I may or may not have had a case of the nerves.

One of us may or may not have had a bigger case of the nerves than the other. But I won’t tell anyone, Anna…

After lots of teaching us about HANG GLIDING, students can’t help but feel a bond with their instructor…

HANG GLIDING cameraderie

I mean, you kinda have to be nice to those guys, they ARE the HANG GLIDING student’s ONLY tether to earth!

Speaking of earth…

(Having trouble viewing video? View it here.)


I did it!


But this is me, Laurie and Marie BEFORE hang gliding. We were a mix of emotions…

Ladays and HANG GLIDING anticipation

Speaking of emotions, have you ever seen the video of the time Laurie and I took on zip lining?

You’ll have to check it out here. Not many people get to see Laurie like that.



That’s what you say when you are ready to take off.

I was BORN ready.

After our first flight each PILOT (can I call us pilots?) got to run through a VICTORY TUNNEL.

HANG GLIDING victory tunnel

I’m not sure if I had more fun going through the VICTORY TUNNEL or HANG GLIDING.


So, tell me… have you ever been HANG GLIDING?

If you have not, WOULD YOU? If you have… would you do it again?

Have you ever run through a VICTORY TUNNEL?

I think everybody should get to do that.

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