My Summer Reading List With Audible

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I have a summer reading list. Do you?

Or perhaps I should say I have a summer LISTENING list.

My Summer Reading List
*This post is sponsored by Audible. All opinion is my own… and any claim to listening to books on Audible – has been due to my own self-driven obsession.

You may or may not know I have a bit of an audiobook addiction.


Audible makes listening to my summer reading list so easy!

Like you, I am busy. I find it hard to find time to sit and read a book. Honestly, I just find it hard to find time to just sit.

Since becoming hooked on Audible a year and a half ago, I’ve listened to 90% more books than I have held in my hands to read.

audible-logo (2

I have listened to (favorites in bold): Thrive, You are a Badass, Yes Please, Grain Brain, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The Giver, Divergent, The Power of Habit, The Martian, Insurgent, Unbroken, The Elephant Whisperer, The Happiness Project, Allegiant, and Crazy Rich Asians.

I feel a little vulnerable sharing my reading list.

I feel my multiple personalities are showing.

Right now, I am halfway through the biography about Elon Musk… now that guy is one fascinating fellow. He’s my age… which blows my mind.

I am having so much fun with Audible. Every month I get my little email notifying me of my new credit and I head over to go explore, and almost always add to my wish list.

What do I have on my wish list right now?… The Clockwork Universe, The Year of Reading Dangerously, Heaven, A Man Called Ove, Lilac Girls, The Adventure Collection (Treasure Island, The Jungle Book, Gulliver’s Travels, White Fang, The Merry Adventures of Robin), and Where The Red Fern Grows.

I also have 3 books downloaded and ready for an upcoming road trip with the family: The Hobbit, The Secret Garden, and Jurassic Park.

That’s my FAMILY summer reading list.

When do I listen to my books? I love to listen to books while I am cooking, while running around in the car (which is often), and I LOVE to listen to my books when I exercise. I used to listen to loads of music, but I find I exercise MORE when I am hooked on a good book. Sometimes it’s hard to muster the motivation to get my exercise in, but when I have a book I am eager to listen to… I find I work hard to find reasons to get more listening time in.

What I love about Audible is I can listen while I DO. I am a DO-er. I have a hard time sitting without tasking. I love that I can keep doing what needs to be done, but I get to escape at the same time. Or learn. Or get inspired…

One of my fondest childhood memories is the memory of listening to a mystery radio show with my family while trying to fall asleep in our camper. I remember my sister and I tucked away for the night on the bed that sit atop the cab of the truck, while my mom and dad played cards at the small kitchen table. We were all there, doing different things, but together… experiencing stories together as a family. I am excited to share books with my kids on our road trip this summer.

Enough about me, right? What about you? Have you used Audible before? What is your favorite type-of book to read? Are you more likely to stick to one genre or mix it up?

What is your favorite book?

I think The Elephant Whisperer is my favorite so far.

My summer reading list - The Elephant Whisperer

I don’t recall why I chose to buy it. I believe someone recommended it… or perhaps Audible suggested it. In any case, I’m glad I got it. Perhaps I liked it so much because I feel I learned about a way of life and culture that was completely unfamiliar to me. Perhaps it was how it was written… and I slipped right into Thula Thula each time I clicked that little triangle. I walked away feeling an unexpected connection with Laurence Anthony and “his” elephants. I missed them for weeks after the book ended. Or maybe it was the narrator’s accent.

I love getting lost in a book.

Have you tried Audible? I am excited to be able to offer you a 1-month free trial at Audible! with that trial, you can download the book of your choice! What a great way to kick-off the summer! Get started by clicking HERE!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Audible. The opinions and text are all mine.

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