Screen Shield Teen: Eye Health Supplement

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HEY MOM AND DAD. Are your teens using digital devices?

Screen Shield™ Teen: Eye Health Supplement

Prolonged screen time can have adverse effects on your child’s vision. Did you know eye strain, tired eyes, and headaches often go hand-in-hand with prolonged time on digital devices?

Screen Shield Teen Protects

Even if a parent limits screen time, it is next to impossible to eliminate it – especially with teens. Much of my teens’ homework is done on the computer these days. Many of the groups and classes my kids are part of require them to use select apps or Facebook group access for updates.

And then, of course, there’s social media.

Screen time is virtually inescapable these days.

While screen time is prevalent and has its downsides, I am quite grateful for the convenience of connectedness for my teens AND for me as a parent trying to keep-up with them. However, what can a parent do to help with the issues around eye strain, tired eyes, and headaches caused by prolonged screen use?

Enter Screen Shield Teen by EyePromise.

Screen Shield by EyePromise

Screen Shield Teen is a dietary supplement to help support eye health, with the reducing the strain of screen time in mind.

Screen Shield Teen is made with 100% natural, GM free, gluten free zeaxanthin.

SPOILER ALERT! I totally had to Google search “zeaxanthin”, you guys.

Based on my independent googleresearch on this ingredient I now regret not knowing more about its importance earlier.

Zeaxanthin is a key, super antioxidant nutrient that protects vision.

According to the American Macular Degeneration Foundation, zeaxanthin is the dominant component within the central macula. 

I don’t technically comprehend what the central macula is, but I did a fair amount of reading and all sources support the above statement and it sure sounds like zeaxanthin is pretty darn important to eye health.


Now that we have made a little sense out of the science…


I mean, Screen Shield Teen vitamins ARE chewable tablets (that can be taken alongside a multivitamin, by the way).

I did some market testing… and by market testing I mean I have been giving these vitamins to all THREE of my teens. At first offer, all of them were all, “Uh. No. What if they’re gross.” We may or may not have tried some pretty awful chewable vitamins over the course of their childhoods.

GLORY TO THE MAKERS OF SCREEN SHIELD TEEN! The teenagers all tried it and I quote, “Oh wow! These are good!”


I could offer my kids a chewable vitamin that promises eternal YouTube fame and they would turn it away if it was gross.

Props to EyePromise!

The key ingredient in Screen Shield Teen not only helps defend kids’ eyes from the effects of blue light from screen use, but is good for overall eye health too.

Oh, and this supplement is safe for kids as young as 4 years of age. Young kids have potentially as much access to screen time as teens.

Kids of all ages use screens

If you have yet to launch into the awesome season of life that is teen parenting, you may want to consider this vitamin for your not-yet-teens-but-will-be-before-you-know-it children.

This mother AND doctor explains more on how to protect your children’s eyes. And keep in mind, your kids are far more likely to do as YOU DO, than do as YOU SAY when it comes to screen time. Learn a few tips to be the best role model for them. And fun news – we’d like to give $5 off your first purchase of Screen Shield Teen here! Coupon code is EPSST.

I am so grateful to have been introduced to EyePromise Screen Shield Teen.

It started as a potential project I thought would be great to introduce to you to consider for your family, and potentially for my own. I didn’t expect that learning about this supplement would lead me on a path to learning more about the importance of eye health support and how I can play a big part in that for my kids by making sure I have Screen Shield on hand for them to take daily.

Oh yeah,  I take one too.

Here’s a little more about Screen Shield Teen:

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