Sail Away From Home: Cruisin’ Together

Do you have that song in your head now?


You’re gonna fly away
Glad you’re goin’ my way
I love it when we’re cruisin’ together

Now you DEFINITELY have that song in your head.

I just watched a show produced by O·C·E·A·N by Carnival Corporation. It’s fun, family-centered show called, Vacation Creation.

Sail Away From Home

Sail Away From Home: Vacation Creation from Carnival

*I was asked to participate in the #SailAwayFromHome campaign, sponsored by Carnival. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own. 

I loved watching the show… It showcases families enjoying experiences together while CRUISIN’, y’all! Of course, my heart was also touched by the stories that lead them to these cruises of a lifetime. You can watch Vacation Creation on The CW – Saturday mornings, 10:30 EST starting October 1st.

Watching the show reinforces why my husband and I are passionate about finding time for “our little family” to escape. We work very hard to make sure our family takes time  away with just each other year. Vacation Creation mirrors the reasons we feel so passionate about escaping with our own family.

Where else can you get fun family selfies?

The fam... on vacation

The joy of experiencing a new location…

The fam... on vacation

The fun of getting to experience new activities…

The fam... on vacation

And don’t forget the wonder of new sunsets…

The fam... on vacation

 But it’s also about the time we get together.

The fam... on vacation

When we get away, we get a break from the regular chores and homework and responsibilities and all the other stuff that hovers over the day to day. We get to laugh and let go of the daily tasks. As hard as I try to not let daily function shape and drive us… it does.

As I said… I COVET our time away.

Sail Away From Home

I loved watching the Geoghegan family on their Royal Princess adventure. As I watched I couldn’t help but think about the cherished times my husband and I work hard to steal away with our own kids. 

Sail Away From Home: Vacation Creation from Carnival

Plus, you KNOW I am a sucker for a family selfie!

It is SO easy to NOT take time to get away with the family. We are all so busy. BUT YOU GUYS… the ROI on the investment is incalculable. 

After watching the Geoghegan family’s adventure that cruisin’ together in Greece gave to them…

Sail Away From Home: Vacation Creation from Carnival

…my passion for my own nuclear family escape is even stronger. They experienced a land they had never been. They stole away on a vessel and got serious quality family time. I was brought to tears listening to the oldest son share about how much that time meant to him.

That part totally hit me right in the feels.

I don’t mind road trips so much. If I ever decide to visit Greece one day, at least with the knowledge of being able to rent a car by checking out sites like e-mietwagenkreta.de, I’d be able to explore as much as I want and of course spend quality time with the family.

Road trips are greaaaaat ;)

…but after watching the Geoghegan family on the Princess Cruise in Greece? And the VanZandt women in Russia, my heart longs to experience something like that with my own “little family”.

I want to be present to see MY kids’ faces when they experience a sunset in a beautiful, new land. Or a staircase like the on on Regal Princess…

Regal Princess: Sail Away From Home: Vacation Creation from Carnival

You ready to book your cruise vacation yet? I know I’m ready to… #sailawayfromhome.

Sunset on a cruise to the Dominican Republic

 You can find out more about Vacation Creation on Facebook and Instagram! You can get to planing your own sail away adventure here!


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