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If you follow my antics on Facebook, or Instagram, or this blog… then you know I have 2 dogs.

Kevin and Gus.

dogcollageKevin, has become a bit of an internet sweetheart. In a very small corner of the internet, but still. It’s funny to me how his personality comes through in pictures. He really is quite the dog.

But I digress.

As much a part of our family as our dogs are, they can’t come with us everywhere. For awhile, when it was just Kevin, we’d take him to a local dog trainer to stay while we were away. I felt good about his care, but I knew he was crated at night… and we hardly ever crate him.

Kevin is uncontainable.

Once Gus came a long, that option of care became most certainly NOT an option. The thought of boxing up the dogs… the thought of taking little, spunky Gus to a strange place… it just doesn’t sit well with me.

For me, outside of potty training, the hardest part of owning a dog is what to do with them when they can’t go with you on vacation… or a long work trip, etc.

And now it’s summer, guys. Summer is a popular time of year for folks to take off and sometimes, just sometimes… the doggies can’t come along. So I ask,


Enter is a nationwide dog boarding service that “…connects dog owners with a nationwide network of dog lovers for hire, enabling everyone to experience the utter joy and unconditional love of a dog. Services available through Rover include overnight dog sitting in either the dog owner’s home or the sitter’s home, dog daycare, and dog walking. The Rover website and mobile app connect dog owners with the largest network of reviewed and approved sitters in the country. We review our sitters individually to ensure we hire only those sitters who will treat your dog just like family.”


I am fortunate that my sister-in-law has graciously taken Gus and Kevin into her home several different times. But she may not always be available. I am excited to find out about a service that I consider an option for my silly animals.

meandkev IMG_1712

BUT THERE’S MORE! doesn’t only provide an option for people seeking care for their dog (or other animals), but people who love to work with animals can be a caregiver through as well! It is a fun option for animal lovers who want to earn extra income, perhaps a summer job. Maybe you like a little adventure, love animals, but your landlord won’t let you have an animal… THIS. Plus, what fun and certainly unique opportunity to earn!

In short, there are two key ways to find care for your dogs via

  • 1) Find a caregiver who will stay in your home with your dogs, or…
  • 2) Find someone who will take your dog into their home!

Rover sitters meet you prior to your travel for a Rover Meet & Greet; they send photos and text updates during your time away to update you on your dog’s stay; and they send a video of the highlights of your dog’s stay, called a Rover Reel, upon your return. The Rover platform also offers free premium pet and sitter insurance for all booked services; access to 24/7 vet consultations; photo sharing; sitter background checks; and customized dog tags. More than 92 percent of the population lives within a short drive of one of Rover’s tens of thousands of loving dog sitters and dog walkers. Rover was founded and is based in Seattle, Washington.

Isn’t that just so cool? ISN’T IT?!

Plus, the people at love animals as much as you do, so they have considered everything… 24/7 customer support, pet insurance, and reservation guarantee… That’s more than I get when I hire a babysitter for my human animals *wink* !!!

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 9.33.29 PM

If you have dogs, or love dogs… take a moment and check out this really cool, and well thought-out service. Tell me what you thin in the comments. Maybe you need help caring for your animal, or you would like more time with animals… or maybe you have a teen looking for a part-time job! Lots of fun options, and lots helpful dog-owner options at!

*This is a sponsored post. I am excited to share about this new service I just learned about. I I have not been able to use the service, yet. All opinion and stories about my dogs are my own. You can find on Facebook and Twitter too!

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